HoN-V2_ Pulp- Stories_#1_Special Halloween

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For Halloween 2021, we’ve prepared a special War Story, the first of the Pulp Stories that will bring Fantasy and Surnatural to the V2 HoWW2 game range.

This will be « made in France » and available to pre-order starting the 31st of October, with an estimated delivery date at the end of November 2021.

By the way, if your cart has preorders and other games you can choose to receive everything together or separately!

The Pumpkin Retribution

Numerous Celtic legends talk about surnatural beings haunting the battlefields during the pagan feast of Samain. Despite their demonic nature, those beings always allied with the champions of good, of those who were fighting injustice or a tyrant.

They were taking the appearance of the fighters they were supporting, with a pumpkin with burning green eyes for a head, throwing themselves into battle with great fury. The sight of those screaming creatures, dancing and laughing always caused panics, routing and changes in the battle’s path.

Starting the Second World War, testimonies were sharing this story, again and again. Before the Toussaint, soldiers with a Pumpkin head, wearing British, American and even French (if Briton were among them) were spawning from nowhere, attacking the Axis troops. They could be on multiple theatres of war, in every corner of the world, from Asia to Maghreb, from the North of Europe to the Pacific Islands.

In this month of October 1944, the German Etat-Major, worried about the fights hapenning on the Siegfried Line, foresaw the apparition of the demons and called the Ahnenerbe for its agents to find a solution against this menace. The german army already busy with the Allied push, the Generals wanted to avoid to deal with surnatural beings hungry for blood. The Ahnenerbe called Julius Leonhard, Wehrmacht priest and renown exorcist. He went on to fetch a sacred chalice in a lost monastery at the heart of the Black Forst, a holy item that legend said could banish any demon from this world.

The final day came, the Pumpkin warriors seen near Cologne. A plan was put in place to attract them to the sanctified chapel of Saint Gothard, where Father Leonhard could speak the holy texts that will activate the powers of the chalice and push back those creatures in the hells they should have never left. The time of truth was approaching…



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