Shadow Hunters – FR/ENG

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Tremble Mythos creatures!

Possessed by their totemic spirit, the Indians Al’oonis land in Normandy

and accompany professor Deadman!

But a new threat appears, and nothing will be more like before!


Following the story of the Cthulhu Mythos Call # 1, Shadow Hunters is a scenario pack
continuing the story of the Majestics who remained in Normandy
when Ariane and Carter left for the desert in Desert Wrath.

Introducing old and new characters,
face a new threat from another planet: the Mi-Go.

Professor Deadman, Nashoba Wakiza and Nahimana Wakanda
are starting to hunt down, whether with new reinforcements from specialists,
or with their animal spirit, puma and bear.

This new scenario pack includes:

3 punchboards

3 double-sided terrain boards

6 Majestics Action cards (english and french)

1 punchboard: Magnus’ Manor with its scenario

Rules and scenarios booklet in english and french

The Shadows over Normandie core box and the Cthulhu Mythos Call #1 are necessary for playing with this expansion. The Cthulhu Mythos Call two blister pack is very advisable.




This product is a LIMITED EDITION and will only be printed once.
It will only be available in French and English.

This product will not be available from the stores and they can not be ordered by them.



Estimated delivery date: January 2018.


posted by Axel the [06/04/2017]