HoN German Cards 2.0 ENG

12.00 €
Quantity available: 538 copies




—– Upgrade your V1 decks / Play more than 2 players with the V2 German Action Card deck —–


If you don’t own the Heroes of Normandie – Big Red One Edition Core box, or if you only own the Upgrade Pack, or if you want to play with more than 2 players, this deck of cards will allow you to benefit from the new Alternative Bonus mechanics linked to the V2 cards.


—– Do not purchase this product if you already own the HoN: Big Red One Edition Core box —–







Content :

  • 50 Germans Cards V2.
  • 6 Fallschirmjäger Cards V2.
  • 1 Fallschirmjäger Character traits option.
  • 1 Hardened Character traits option.

posted by yann the [08/07/2021]