Punchboard #War Story #0

We surprised a lot of you with our final stretch goal as the War Story #0.
Today, we’re presenting you with the punch boards for it. As a reminder, War Stories are a new format featuring a one or a few punch boards with units containing everything you need to play its scenario or in freeplay.

Don “Wardaddy” Collier is at the head of one of the most lethal and mad tank crews of the Second World War. Bane of the nazis and german tanks, the 2nd Armored division of the US Army was at the center of the fight, forged in the African desert campaign. On their way to the heart of Germany, the Fury gets immobilised in a crossroad after driving on top of a mine. Not too far away from there, a SS Bataillon is making its way to the fights…

Take control of a terrifying M4 Sherman and its crew, boosting it and making it a ridiculously powered armoured fortress. Or maybe you feel like fighting for your land at the command of the SS-Panzergrenadiers, heading in to blow up the American tank.

posted by yann the [20/05/2021]

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11 Comments on “Punchboard #War Story #0”

  1. avatar 11. Ghost_wolf said :

    Fun fact:the movie who was really good in my opinion. Was inspired of a real crew tank lead by Lafayette G.Pool also name as “wardaddy”. The tank was named “in the mood”
    G.pool and is crew destroyed 258 vehicle including tank tiger and panther. They killed over 1000 ennemy soldiers and captured 250 other. All that was did in only 80 days with 3 differente Sherman

    They was also the “armored spearhead” at multiple engagements (spearhead is therme to designed the front tank at a column, the first to be in contact ,the first to be shot.
    He received a lot of medal like the purple heart or the belgium fouragerre and more

    Sorry for my English correct me if necessary

  2. avatar 10. My Homepage said :

    … [Trackback]

    […] Read More here: devil-pig-games.com/en/punchboard-war-story-0/ […]

  3. avatar 9. wolfsolite said :

    dans le film ils utulise plusieur type d’obus. pt une erreure de ma part mes d’autre punch peuve leur donner l’option ou leur tuile de recrument ne sont pas compatible avec aucun autre option tank?

  4. avatar 8. nachoskaven said :

    It is the surprise last stretch goal from the last Ks campaign… You need a pledge/late pledge, man.

  5. avatar 7. Comradeguy said :

    So… how to get those? I don’t see it in pledge manager

  6. avatar 6. Jared Lucev said :

    Terrible movie that glorified rape. Why on earth would you make a tribute to that?

  7. avatar 5. Skyarrow said :

    Le +3 du 76mm contre les blindés est surement une petite erreur.

  8. avatar 4. beleg01 said :

    Pas d’obus fumigènes pour le Sherman Fury…?!

  9. avatar 3. Axe said :

    L’équipage gratuit permet d’améliorer les statistiques.

  10. avatar 2. Renaud92240 said :

    Que +3 contre les véhicules lourds pour un 76mm long?
    Sinon que dire à part que ça inaugure bien les War Story?
    (PS spécial Yann: toujours prêt à aider pour le Pacifique ! )

  11. avatar 1. Axe said :

    Génial. Bon choix d’unité allemande pour son rôle important en Normandie. .. et prévoir la suite avec Caen