When will Heroes of Black Reach arrive?


We have more informations about this project which is finished to be printed since more than one month. It should have already left China since mid-July. The carriers informes us that the factory didn’t well follow the contact and informations requiring processes used by the carriers (the factory sent a truck to the harbor for a container and returned with nothing to the factory because they didn’t send the right papers to the carrier for the organization of the transport). This causes an important delay:

  • United States: the container for our customers and the distribution (Iello Games) hase’t already left China for what we know. With the GenCon on currently, it may not leave China soon.
  • Rest of the World: one part leaves China on July 29th and the other part will leave China at the end of this week or beginning of the next week.

The European dispatching to customers will take place on the second part of September. Schedule for US dispatching to customer is unknow.

The container of the Canadian distributor has alrady left China but the content is only for himself, not for our customers.

We will keep you aware, even if the office is closed.

posted by Axel the [03/08/2018]

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11 Comments on “When will Heroes of Black Reach arrive?”

  1. avatar 11. kakita horiuko said :

    HoBR est dans les rayons de ma boutique préféré… on peut se dire qu’il arrivera “bientôt” chez moi !!!!

  2. avatar 10. Sgt Issah said :

    does this mean the container for HOBR that is being sent to North American backers is still in China? What is the current status of the game in the production/ distrubution channel?

  3. avatar 9. Axel said :

    IELLO has the exclusive distribution.

  4. avatar 8. ddaigle said :

    So, is DPG looking for multiple distributors and fulfillment companies in the US or does IELLO have exclusive distribution? Meeting customer expectations and maintaining current customers as potential future revenue streams/earnings should be the focus for DPG, especially when partnering with a giant like Games Workshop… GW can cut the partnership like they did with FFG. My recommendation would be to see if GW can assist with North America distribution for the HoBR line.

  5. avatar 7. Axel said :

    @ Marc Côté
    We are sorry of this, but the US distributor took too much time for the departure from China. We are not enough strong to request they wait weeks without selling what they paid for.

  6. avatar 6. Marc Côté said :

    Just saw it on the shelves today at my local gaming store. Thank you so much Devil Pig for having made me waste my time pre-ordering this. It’s officially on sale at Canadian retailers, but I’m still waiting for my pre-order. Thanks…

  7. avatar 5. Axel said :

    Iello Games manages by itself the carrying, so if they prefer to well prepare the Gencon instead of preparing the carrying, we cannot do anything for that.

  8. avatar 4. Douglas James Olson said :

    Why would GenCon in the US have any impact on a freight boat leaving China?

  9. avatar 3. jcf84 said :

    Pouvez vous nous donner le nom du bateau sur lequel se trouve (ou se trouvera) le container contenant les boites à destination de la France, dans le but inavoué de suivre son parcours sur internet ?

  10. avatar 2. Stephen Drop said :

    I hope that you can find a more functional factory for the future.

  11. avatar 1. thia74 said :

    La Chine s’éveille et viens d’atteindre le level “administration et paperasserie”.

    Bonne vacances tout de même les cochons