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Reinforcement for 21st Panzer Division by franzi

The 21st Panzer Division is upped with new vehicles from Normandy campaign. Franzi gives you some informations:

  • Units for Normandy campaign
  • 1st Bataillon – Regiment 125 (mechanized) : equipped with SPW P107 U304 (f) /1 and /10 on french chassis in the place of Sd Kfz 251/1.
  • 1st Bataillon – Regiment 192 (mechanized) : squipped with SPW P107 U304 (f) without machine gun.
  • 2nd Bataillon – Regiment 125 and 192 (mechanized) were equipped with trucks, represented here by some  Opel Blitz.

Link to forum (french)

Placeholder New french vehicles for 21e Panzer division
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posted by Axel the [16/03/2016]

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2 Comments on “Reinforcement for 21st Panzer Division by franzi”

  1. avatar 2. Kaleunt said :

    Excellente initiative Franzi, originale, esthétique et très pointue sur le plan matériel historique. C’est en effet plus réaliste que d’attribuer des Panther à son régiment de chars (en tout cas pas en Normandie).

  2. avatar 1. thia74 said :

    Merci franzi