Rick Priestley likes Heroes of Black Reach!

This week-end, it was the le Robin Wargame Show and the UK Official DPG demo team was here. Thanks to them, Rick Priestley, Warhammer 40,000’s creator, tried Heroes ofBlack Reach, and liked it. Well done mates !


Rick Priestley (left) and Lee (right), our UK pig 😉

posted by Axel the [12/02/2018]

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5 Comments on “Rick Priestley likes Heroes of Black Reach!”

  1. avatar 5. Nivanti said :

    It was great fun showing Rick and a little intimidating but Rick is a really nice guy and it was a pleasure. Apart from it being freaking cold it was a nice show.

    This was the first time we demoed Black Reach and it went down a storm, everyone who played it really liked the game and people were saying it was easy to learn but lots of tactical decisions.

    Cannot wait for the main game, if you have pre ordered you have a treat coming your way!


  2. avatar 4. Uphir said :

    Good job les Cochons !

  3. avatar 3. LionSaurus said :

    Err.. Also, congrats on getting Rick Priestley’s stamp of approval x3 Didn’t even know who made Warhammer until now C=

  4. avatar 2. LionSaurus said :

    What the-? Has everyone and their mom got the drop zone except me? Grrr *flips all the tables*

  5. avatar 1. thia74 said :

    c’est bon signe !!!!!