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Scenarios for Cthulhu and Heroes&Gold




You are waiting for them since the end of the Shadows over Normandie dispatch? They are finally here 😉

Special thanks to Moomer and Gduprez for their great help. Now, in order to finish with the Shadows over Normandie KS scenarios, we must publish the Devil Boy rules and scenarios, and the scenarios for Civilians under fire in SoN.

(After, personnaly, I should finish the scenarios for my character, because SoN is the best universe to make scenarios for solo player or more player than 2, in which each player plays with one character each. And you know what, guess where my character will begin his story ? In a bar of course – Axel)




Download File
Download File

posted by Axel the [05/12/2016]

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3 Comments on “Scenarios for Cthulhu and Heroes&Gold”

  1. avatar 3. thia74 said :

    C’est l’histoire de phraggh le bar !!!!

  2. avatar 2. gduprez said :

    Cthulhu, il rentre pas dans le bar, il l’écrase 😛
    Et puis, il a une sacré descente le bougre…

  3. avatar 1. Alfred555 said :

    Dans un bar ?
    Alors… C’est Axel, Wittmann et Cthulhu qui entrent dans un bar… :^P