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Estimation of pre-orders shipping date: 30/07/2017

A technical issue causes that current shipping costs to particular destinations are too expensive. We must therefore temporarily suspend sales to these countries. This concerns zones 6 to 10 (see list).

All orders and pre-orders made before this closure (Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017, 12:00 am) will be honored of course.

Kickstarters, pledge managers and Limited Editions (Shadow Hunters) are not affected by this restriction as they are subject to one-off dispatches

We are working to reduce this interruption as quickly as possible.

Desert Wrath – ENG

50.00 €

SoN storage system

35.00 €

Cthulhu Mythos Call 2 – ENG

20.00 €

Black Sun deck box

12.00 €

Cthulhu Mythox C#1 boxes

11.00 €

Desert Wrath boxes

11.00 €

Investigator – deck box

12.00 €

Mythos – deck box

12.00 €

SoN core box storage system

15.00 €

SoN errata #1

4.00 €