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Support: Gob’z’heroes

Hello everybody,

At Devil Pig, we like funny games, weird games and those who are a little bit shambolic ^^And Gob’z’Heroes is a KS project in this way.

So, we spoke with the creators, who are very sympathetics, and the result is that:


A supervillain is coming, the DEVIL’PIG TROLL !

And now, he will meet Anja from Guardians’ Chronicles. We will create the recruitment tile, the counter, all the necessary in order to you can play with him 😉

Link to the KS project: Gob’z’Heroes


posted by Axel the [18/01/2016]

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5 Comments on “Support: Gob’z’heroes”

  1. avatar 5. Richtofen said :

    J’vais en commander un, ça promet :p

  2. avatar 4. dafrca said :

    @ Choucas: Thank you for the reply. 🙂

  3. avatar 3. thia74 said :

    Ptdr vous êtes des grands malades !!!!!!!

  4. avatar 2. Choucas said :

    Both. Gob’z’heroes will have a devil pig miniature. And DPG will create the unit in HoN for free download.

  5. avatar 1. dafrca said :

    Ok, not sure I understand. You are making tiles and tokens to play this in their game or to allow the Devil Pig to be played in HoN/SoN?