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A new scenario for HoBR to download

There’s nothing like a good fight between orks to warm up before you go slamming Ultramarines. You and your opponent both want to play orks? Play this scenario to define:




Placeholder WHO’S THE BOSS?
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posted by gduprez the [04/12/2018]

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4 Comments on “A new scenario for HoBR to download”

  1. avatar 4. donnie said :

    I’m logged in, why can’t I download anything on my iPad? Anyone else have this problem?

  2. avatar 3. Silverpaint68 said :

    Kool ! Baston sang pour sang Ork 😉

  3. avatar 2. gduprez said :

    Bah, non, c’est moi!!!!!
    Quand tu veux pour te le prouver un jeudi soir à la Waaagh Taverne… En moto, surtout si tu la repeinds en rouge, c’est pas très loin 😛

  4. avatar 1. Celdon said :

    C’est moi !!!