Upgrade pack for veterans!

Hello soldiers!

We are so close to get the campaign funded! One more push boys, we almost did it! By the way, we have an excellent news to share with you: a new pledge for our veterans 😉

We are counting on you dear backers, the beach will be ours!

#Cowboy Pledge 

A lot of you support us since the beginning of our adventures and we wanted to thank them. That’s why we now offer you the Cowboy Pledge!

-> A pledge destined to backers that wish to keep their first version of Heroes of Normandie while enjoying new rules and content from the Big Red One.

-> With a price of 30€ (Aprox. 36$), this upgrade pack includes:

  • 6 units punchboards from the V2 box
  • The updated rule book
  • Scenario booklet

– > Not included in this pledge:

  • The card decks
  • The boards
  • The tokens

Back now!

-> https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hon-br1/heroes-of-normandie-big-red-one-edition

We just can’t wait to see how far we can go with you guys and show you everything we have back in the casern’s reserve!

Fight on!

Devil Pig

posted by Twane33 the [10/03/2021]

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12 Comments on “Upgrade pack for veterans!”

  1. avatar 12. Masame said :

    Is there a way to order this if we missed the Kickstarter? Like Starman, I’m trying to update all my existing v1 to align with the new v2, but don’t want to be forced to repurchase content I already have.

  2. avatar 11. starman said :

    As the artillery and air units are now on orders are they included in the upgrade punchboards ?

    Will they include upgrade orders for British forces?

    If the system is being changed then it seems a kick in the teeth to not provide for those who have supported and have a big investment in previous content. There should be uograde punchboards readily/at cost available for all nationalities, including SoN. I would also like to see upgrade rule pages for the deluxe manual or at least a pdf of changes.

    Lastly what happened to the Solo system promised in an earlier KS.

  3. avatar 10. Fizban13 said :

    Merci les gars !

  4. avatar 9. Axe said :

    I do the same and I probably take more. But I want to see this company survive, doing good service and keeping doing projet. I wish the best for them

  5. avatar 8. Alex81 said :

    I tend to see it differently. As a veteran, I would also like to get the SG because I already have the rest. I would like to buy the additional new cubes and the order tokens BR1 and PzD2. I think that’s the idea behind this pledge 1 too.

  6. avatar 7. Axe said :

    Yes Tycoon. It looks the same to me :-/ I still remember the strategy ressuplied kickstarter at the Begining of the company crissis

  7. avatar 6. tycoon said :

    As nice as this offer seems, it looks to me like DPG is shooting themselves in the foot again by offering all stretch goals in a 30€ / 36$ pledge

  8. avatar 5. weyly said :

    Very nice for the pig back from hell backer

  9. avatar 4. Silverpaint68 said :

    Superbe initiative.
    Apparemment, ce serait sans le rangement. Peut-on espérer un option “Cow Boy +” (Sheriff ?) avec les rangements divers ?

  10. avatar 3. Broun said :

    Je rejoins Axe, merci pour votre écoute, Cowboy pledgé, et plus si affinités avec d’autres surprises 🙂

  11. avatar 2. Axe said :

    Petite question. Aurons nous les autocollants pour les boîtes de rangement avec?

  12. avatar 1. Axe said :

    Vous êtes vraiment formidables. Merci d’être à l’écoute des remarques de votre communauté. Vous êtes top de chez top