Here is the Orks from the Heroes of Black Reach core box with their recruitment options! Enjoy!


posted by Axel the [25/01/2018]

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4 Comments on “WAAAGH!”

  1. avatar 4. Tobilee said :

    So sluggas, shootas and stormboyz are heroes too? I was thinking that they are reinforcement tiles for regular units (no boss with them) and they have one illustration. What makes “hero” a tile?

  2. avatar 3. Axel said :

    The illustrations are only for heroes.

  3. avatar 2. Tobilee said :

    I mean the battlewagon tile, not the truck one

  4. avatar 1. Tobilee said :

    I really love it, my only complain as I said in facebook is te lack of illustration in the big recruitment tiles of the vehicles (the dread and the truck, and in the space marine ones..), I know that they are not heroes, but there are some other recruitment tiles that are not heroes neither and they have their illustration too. The art of this game is so f****ing great that the big recruitment tiles that don’t have one feels like is lacking something