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Compendium: english version available

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Hello everybody,

The english version of the Compendium is available, so, you can proofread it if you want, but some rules must be respected.

You can download it here (Word): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/69480145/Compendium-Regles-totale-sans%20images_Eng.docx

You can download it here (PDF): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/69480145/Compendium-Rules-without-picture_Eng.pdf

We build a special forum section in which, you have one topic per chapter: http://www.devil-pig-games.com/en/forum/?action=viewforum&f=53.0

You can send us all your remarks (spelling typos, rules, if you need more examples, etc.). For that, please use one of these ways:
– download the PDF version and add notes
– download the word version and add notes
– post remarks on the forum

posté par Axel le [07/11/2016]

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12 commentaires sur “Compendium: english version available”

  1. 12. RafaelRamus a dit :

    Great news! Looking forward to it!

  2. 11. Raphael a dit :

    A new version of the Compendium will be downloadable soon

  3. 10. Believer a dit :

    The Word and PDF links are not working! Error 404 pops up. 🙁 The downloadable Compendium is only 28 pages but someone gave me info from the Compendium rules page 43…?!

  4. 9. von_meyer a dit :

    Hi, the Dropbox links don’t appear to be working…

  5. 8. TytanowyJanusz a dit :

    Why, in compendium pdf isn’t picture?? where I can find compendium with pictures and axample?

  6. 7. Nyarla a dit :

    pdf will not download in dropbox. I keep getting an 404 error.

  7. 6. Axel a dit :

    The Compendium will be available as a book (limited quantites and maybe a new print if necessary), we will release at the same time the new rules booklet in PDF.

  8. 5. Archon77 a dit :

    Will we be getting the compendium in book form in the near future or just in download form?

  9. 4. Axel a dit :

    The problem is solved.

  10. 3. LionSaurus a dit :

    PDF link is not working. Nice compendium C=

  11. 2. LionSaurus a dit :

    The PDF file gives 404 error. Does not seem to be a working link.

  12. 1. harley a dit :

    pdf will not download in dropbox. I keep getting an 404 error.