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HoN, The Card Game

Heroes of Normandie, the Tactical Card Game

You can speak about the card game of Heroes of Normandie here!
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Dans HoN the Card Game
Le [22/01/2020] à 21:06


Events where you found, find or will find our games, with or without us.
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Here's the place to talk about HoN TCG scenarios, to share yours and to work together on new ones.
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Dans Bulge scenario 2: Malmedy
Le [21/12/2019] à 17:26


Here's the place to talk about rules.
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Dans Rules and Symbols Questions
Le [04/04/2020] à 19:46


Here we're listing every mistakes to fix them and improve the general quality of the game.
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Dans [TCG] Errata
Le [22/05/2019] à 23:36