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What is Leon?
Braun and Leon posté le [21/04/2014] à 09:24

Going though my German counters I found a leader called Braun (artillery spotter) and Leon … seems to be a partisan leader of some sorts.

I was wondering where they go?

Braun has a color band on each side which fits the Divisionsstab Recruitment tile but he doesn't come at a cost? On the backside of Braun there is another color band (not sure where this fits). Braun also has a hit symbol on him, not sure that's right. Is Braun that cheap or what would I use him for?

Leon doesn't have an outline color and there is a red cross with German marking on the left of him. On the back of there is again the same color band as for Braun. Again not sure what I can use Leon for.

Braun and Leon posté le [21/04/2014] à 21:23

I have been wondering the same about Leon. but neither of them are mentioned in the Scenarios or Rules.

I'm assuming he'll be part of yet to be released Scenarios as a partisan infiltrator or French collaborator.

Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it

Braun and Leon posté le [22/04/2014] à 08:55

Braun comes with GRANATWERFER GRUPPE – 60 pts. – German High Command.

But where did you find Leon?

Braun and Leon posté le [22/04/2014] à 09:06

Yeah, and there was a PILOT on one of the boards without insignia. Could be used as a "downed" pilot for a rescue mission.


Braun and Leon posté le [22/04/2014] à 09:19

Spotted Bruan, thx.

I have all my stuff unpunched but from what I can trace back Leon is with the German reinforcement pack on the punchboard for GE Panzergrenadiere I Battalion 21 PZdDiV-RGT 125

Braun and Leon posté le [22/04/2014] à 10:16

Don't have this countersheet.

Probably the same use as for downed american pilot.

Braun and Leon posté le [22/04/2014] à 11:03

I haven't found the downed American pilot yet. Is he in the US Army Box? (which is the piece missing from my order).

Braun and Leon posté le [22/04/2014] à 15:29

Leon is a "Collabo". He's a german objective. No scenarios created for the moment. Feel free to use it and share your ideas with us !

Same for the pilot.

Braun and Leon posté le [22/04/2014] à 15:40

I like the idea of creating such objectives that people can include in their own scenarios for a twist. Great stuff DPG.

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