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Interesting development on Search bags for SoN
Interesting development on Search bags for SoN posté le [11/08/2017] à 20:22

There was an interesting thread over on the French forums discussing what should go in a search bag. Should you put in everything searchable or not.

Gduprez, who is not only a French forum moderator but also one of the folks developing SoN material made an interesting post. Rough translation here:

For those with a complete HSTS collection, that can make for a very full bag.

I'm thinking about thematic lists of options to set depending on the scenarios. The idea would be to upload and / or propose in the future optional lists of customizations / spells (Between 6 and 10 wholesale options per list) defining the content of the bag according to the place of search (Armory / Library / Crypt / Cave / Ruin …).

These lists could then be used in the scenarios according to the needs of the author.

The aim is to have "credible" and thematic search results to reinforce the narrative aspect of the scenarios.

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Interesting development on Search bags for SoN posté le [12/08/2017] à 06:30

This is a great idea!

Interesting development on Search bags for SoN posté le [12/08/2017] à 20:27

I like that idea too. Please could we get an English translation of the listings if & when they are created? Obviously any new scenarios will have their own listings but some pointers for the existing scenarios would be great.

Now that I have my storage boxes I've punched all the counters & realise how many spells & recruitment items there are.

Interesting development on Search bags for SoN posté le [16/10/2017] à 00:48

I've put together a Google Spreadsheet containing everything that goes in the Search Bag. Make a copy with this link to customize your own version.

There are three useful pages: "Search Bag", "Spells & Customizations", and "Dropdown Options":

Search Bag

  • Try using the menu on the right ("Report Editor") to change the way data is displayed.

  • To only show items in your collection: select "Report Editor" > "Filter" > "Set" > "Show: All items" (bottom of menu).

  • Spells & Customizations

  • To filter a column: click one of the green, upside down triangles along the top row.

  • To only show items in your collection: click the triangle in cell H1, "Source".

  • To make your own thematic list: fill in the "Location" column for each item. Then, on the "Search Bag" page, click "Report Editor" > "Rows – Add field" > "Location" (top of menu).

  • Dropdown Options

  • You can add additional Locations in column F.

  • Notes:

  • Unfortunately, each item can only be given one Location. I can make a version that supports multiple locations, but it is messy. Let me know if you'd like to see it anyway.

  • If anyone wants to translate the spreadsheet to French, please let me know. We can make it bilingual like the excellent Token Guide. 🙂

  • Nostradunwhich, would you mind cross posting this in the French thread? I would use Google Translate, but I think you can do a better job. Thank you!

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