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Future of Kharnage
Future of Kharnage posté le [04/09/2017] à 21:40

Hi together,

our Gaming Group missed the KS campain but the core game is released in Germany and it is the most fun game since a long time.

We managed to get the expansions, also the pigs.

But we can't see the Neopren Map or the sleeves (the big Monsters are sadly KS exkl.) will the Neopren Map be available in the shop?

And are there future plans for this gread Games?

New fayctionsx like elves or Hobbits (so four good and four Bad factions)?

New cards for the existing factions?

A new KS ??

Future of Kharnage posté le [05/09/2017] à 14:23


The Neopren mat should be available next year (if remaining stock will be enough to put it on our stock after the Age of Towers KS), as for the sleeves.

Pigs and It's so big are KS exclusive (send me an email at, answer under 1 month currently).

We plan new armies like the Barbarhunt, a mix of hobbit and barbarian like Conan 😉

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Future of Kharnage posté le [15/10/2018] à 13:12

The game is amazing. When are the new armies going to be available? Unfortunately I also missed the KS campaing. Is there any posibility to remake the campaing?

Sorry about my English and thank you!

Future of Kharnage posté le [15/10/2018] à 19:32

At this point, there will not be a kickstarter in the short term. There were expansions with new races released at the time the game was printed, but at this point I do not think there is development going on. DPG has had to shift focus at the moment.

I do not know what you have so far, but if you are missing some expansions you may luck out and some may go on sale on DPG's webstore… they have been coming across some misplaced stock and putting it up for sale as they find it.

But DPG recently announced a change in direction and they are actively looking for a new home for Kharnage. We will have to wait and see what happens.

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