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Use of mortars
Use of mortars posté le [16/08/2018] à 09:52

Citation de Uncle_Joe Le [13/08/2018] à 20:40

Simple change idea:

For interspaces you cannot draw LOS too, the roll is modified as follows:

1-4, scatters appropriately.

5, the fire is widely scattered and has no effect.

6, the fire is on target

That reduces the probability of an on-target 'snipe' by half.

I love it! Uncle_Joe I will try this rule for my next game. Thank you! 😉


Use of mortars posté le [16/08/2018] à 17:40

Next time there's a mortar in my game I'll try one of the options here.Today I just did not try and snipe the officer. Felt really cheap.

I think the option of not using indirect fire without a spotter is a nice option as well. What's the procedure on this in "real life"? If no one is telling the mortar where to fire than a mortar crew would not just fire a round out to nowhere, hoping to hit an enemy?

Use of mortars posté le [26/09/2018] à 04:32

Uncle Joe may have something here.

Nice easy change that addresses the situation!

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