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[North America] Kharnage Organizer
[North America] Kharnage Organizer posté le [26/01/2018] à 04:58

There is a manufacturer in the US that is making an organizer for Kharnage!

This is not an official endorsement by DPG, I am just bringing it to people's attention because I like it.

I have purchased one myself and it is very nice. It is definitely designed to be assembled and left in the box (no trays for tokens as with some other organizers) but the price is right and the fit is good.

My kit came with an option to either make all the walls around the token bin high, or leave the finger slots like the other 8 compartments. That is a nice touch.

Customer service is very good, I ended up expanding my initial order after I had placed it and they were very good about helping put that together.

Edit to add: One knock against them is no assembly directions. They do have pictures on their website that make it pretty clear how things go together, if you have a good enough screen in your arts & crafts room :mrgreen:

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