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3+ Player Games
3+ Player Games posté le [05/06/2018] à 22:01

Hey Folks,

I was reading over the Multi-player rules for HSTS, and realized that the format can cause some interesting new mechanics for certain elements of the game.

Take for Instance the Order "Planning". If two or more players are sharing that option (though a High Command) then they need to figure out who is going to get it for each turn, but then it has to be returned to the High Command for next turn.

So each player in the Alliance has to set aside an Order token for use with that option, and the players have to decide who gets to use it each turn. The logical time to do that is during the beginning of the Orders phase.

That step is even mentioned in the Compendium, on p. 9 It is Step #1 – Resolve the following effects which in this case is the recruitment option. At that point, the players in the alliance would decide who gets to use the extra Order.

But when do you return that order? Logical step is at the end of the Supply Phase, since you need to keep the order on its assigned unit during the Supply Phase movement, so the token should only be returned after that point. The Supply Phase also has a similar step (Step 5) where you resolve recruitment options. At that point, return the Order.

Gear that provides markers is relatively straight forward, but what other recruitment options might need special consideration in a multi-player alliance?

I know some folks have run them, so I am curious to hear about what considerations had to be made.

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3+ Player Games posté le [06/06/2018] à 11:33

I did one three player game a couple of months ago. It was somewhat special for me because it was a three-generation game with my father, myself and my oldest son.

Anyway, I played a really bare bones game, as my dad had never played before. He was in an alliance with my son. They each had one German recruitment tile and two stars each. No Command Tile so things were really simple. I don't know if this really counts as an alliance because basically the just split the German army in two, controlling a part of their own. It was fun to see how an alliance needs to decide and consult what unit goes first… All of a sudden Heroes of Normandie turned into a semi-co-op game! :mrgreen:

So I can't really comment on the Planning Order for instance because we didn't use that, but we had fun and the three player alternating order rules from the Compendium worked really well too.

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3+ Player Games posté le [09/06/2018] à 23:24

Quote from bartdevuyst

It was somewhat special for me because it was a three-generation game with my father, myself and my oldest son.

This is gold! You’re a lucky man. My father won’t play games and I have two daughters that don’t know what WW2 was. Admittedly they’re probably a bit young, but nevertheless, time for an intesive re-education program… then we’re trying 3 players. Will be hilarious… “Dad, what do I do with artillery?”

3+ Player Games posté le [09/06/2018] à 23:45

Rubasurex, I feel your pain. My father would not play games like this with me as a kid either. He said they were called board games for a reason (bored games, get it?). My friends all scattered after high school so I had to hold out for an opponent until my son was old enough to play. He did know a lot about WW2 from a very early age (thanks to an extensive history book and movie collection) and so he took right to it. Of course he always has to be the good guys…


3+ Player Games posté le [26/09/2018] à 04:43

Our group has run up to five players in a game, with one moderator. We cut down the number of cards as suggested by the rules, only allowing card trades during the supply phase.

There were some questions about card interpretation, but the moderator solved them pretty quickly, sometimes with a simple roll off of dice between players.

For us, the big thing was getting play balance built into the scenarios for five players. I know it sounds pretty easy, just make sure the points are close. However in practice it took us a couple of games.

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