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Special Abilities not in the Rule Book?
Unknown ability posté le [10/06/2018] à 13:06

Anyone recognize the ability on Reino Hamer (German Airborne hero, Saint Mère Eglise pack) that consists of three bullets on a yellow star with a red +1 marking… What ability is that. Can't find it explained anywhere. Same ability can be seen on Airborne units Container counter.



Unknown ability posté le [10/06/2018] à 17:55

It's ammo bearer. He give à +1 to any adjacent firing units. I dont have thé compendium with me souviens i can't give the using conditions and the page.

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Unknown ability posté le [10/06/2018] à 18:22

Munitions Carrier, Compendium, p. 43

This unit grants a +1 bonus to all firing actions taken by

allied infantry units in its ZoC.

This bonus does not apply to alternate firing actions.

The unit does not receive its own bonus.

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Unknown ability - Yellow star with bullets and +1 posté le [17/06/2018] à 21:14

Thanks! 🙂

Where can the rule be found? I have the Core Box rules, the downloadable Compendium edition rules and the PB, CA and SM scenario box compendiums but haven’t found it there.

If I may, here are a few more to me unknown abilities:

1) two crossing wrenches over green gears (on Friedrich, SS hero)

2) barrage order with three tanks (on V.Ballot, SS)

3) Urban Fighter ability icon with white arrow = same icon with blue arrow (on Sasha, UK military advisor)

4) tank with active/inactive blue arrows (on Cowboy, US Kelly’s hero)

5) steering wheel with two hands (on Cowboy, as above)

6) barrage order with red explosions at the tip of the arrows instead of the black boxes as in the Core box rules (on Cole, US command)

7) black box with four green stripes (on Croc, GE Kelly’s hero)

8) white flag on red explosion (on Osttruppen, GE)

Love all the abilities but would be nice to know them and have them all in one place.



Unknown ability - Yellow star with bullets and +1 posté le [18/06/2018] à 14:16

1) Mechanic

The Mechanic can repair damage on a heavy vehicle. In order to remove a Damage marker, the Mechanic must be adjacent to the heavy vehicle.

In the Activation or Supply phase, the Mechanic can remove any one Damage marker instead of taking a firing action or a movement action.

With the Heroic feat card or using the Heroic character trait (or any other rule enabling a unit to act twice), it can move and repair a heavy vehicle in the same turn.

2) Tank barrage order

This special ability works as the barrage order but only applies to heavy vehicles of any name. The chosen heavy vehicles may only fire one of their weapons.

3) Urban fighter

Once and only once per movement action, the unit may enter or exit a building through an opening identified by a white arrow.

This special ability also enables you to exit buildings during a forced move following a lost assault.

It is not possible to enter bunker windows in this way.

4) Crew

In order to activate this special ability, the unit must end its move in a heavy or light vehicle.

Turn the counter over and leave it on the vehicle. The unit adds its special abilities to those of the vehicle.

The unit does not count against the carrying capacity of the vehicle and vehicles that do not have this special ability can only carry one Crew unit.

The unit cannot be targeted by a firing action as long as it is inside the vehicle.

In order to exit the vehicle, it absolutely must start its movement action by turning over onto its inactive side.

If its vehicle is destroyed, place the unit inactive side up in a square adjacent to the wreck. Put a Suppressed marker on it. This is a forced move.

5) Ace driver

Restricted to light and heavy vehicles

This character trait enables you to reduce the Move and Fire penalty by 1 point.

6) Heroic charge

When you give an Order to a unit that has this special ability, activate up to three other infantry units within 3 squares of it that haven't been activated yet.

The selected units (the one that has the special ability plus the three others) take a movement action that must end in a square occupied by an enemy and must therefore make an Assault.

If for any reason any of these units is unable to end its movement action in a square occupied by an enemy (before resolving the assault), put 2 Suppressed markers on it.

Put an Activate marker on each of the units (except the one that already has an Order) to show they've been activated.

Play these units in any order.

7) NCO

This unit has an NCO among its members or is itself an NCO.

As long as you have an NCO on the board, you always have at least one Order.

When activated in the Order phase, this unit may immediately remove 1 Suppressed marker from a unit within 3 squares.

It must have a clear LoS to the unit it is helping.

It can then act normally.

8) Fragile

The unit's morale is very low. It immediately deserts if it loses an assault or if it has a Suppressed marker when it is engaged in an assault. The unit is destroyed.

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Unknown ability - Yellow star with bullets and +1 posté le [18/06/2018] à 17:15

Thanks a lot! Made my day! / Manu

Unknown ability - Yellow star with bullets and +1 posté le [18/06/2018] à 22:23

An update to the Special Abilities list is on the to-do list, hopefully soon.

I am going to chance the title of this thread to help folks who have the same sort of questions.

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