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Sainte-Mere Eglise Strategy
Sainte-Mere Eglise Strategy posté le [23/06/2018] à 15:13

Hey all,

A general strategy question following a recent blow-out of a game (on my part)…

I've been working my way through the HoN campaign boxes with a friend, and we're currently on Ste Mere Eglise. This week we played scenario 3, "Pigeon Shooting", and I got absolutely wiped out as the Allied player.

There was an admittedly bad stretch of rolling that was probably a large part of it as well (literally had 3 shooting or assaults in a row in a turn where I rolled 1s and failed), but dice notwithstanding I still felt like I'd really miscalculated or was missing something.

I'm not the best HoN player, but I can usually do ok, and most often have at least one or two tricks I can pull out to suprise an opponent. Not so in this last battle.

I guess the biggest thing I can't wrap my head around (in this whole campaign so far, really) is the "dropped" element of deploying troops, and the impact that has on what you can actually do. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy that it is historically/thematically correct, paratroopers dropping under open canopies without much say in where they actually land, but it certainly makes things… interesting… from a planning perspective.

My opponent set up first, and had his units nestled into buildings all through tiles SM3-A (East of Church) and SM2-A (South of Church). When it came time for me to drop my first 6 units (as per scenario instructions), I went for a mix of fire and BAR teams, plus Dutch, thinking I wanted to get some healthy, not-too-specialized units on the board first. Then came the drop… Dutch landed in DZ 3, 2 teams landed in DZ5, 2 teams in DZ6, and one landed way out in DZ2.

Where ever the troops landed (save for DZ2), they were all in the wide open, and were starting the game in some Axis field of fire. First order of business has to be getting them to cover, right?

Things started out ok, Dutch ducked around the building north of the burning impassable one and took out the zundap without an issue, but after that things went horribly awry. An MG42 knocked out a BAR team immediately, a grenade hit 2 units standing in the open in their drop, and I just couldn't get any momentum.

It was only turn 3 (last of my dropped reinforcements) that I actually managed to put any units on DZ1 (the Church, and the objective). In fact, I dropped 3 of them there! But by that time my opponent still had a SD/KFZ parked outside, and had slipped units inside blocking entry, so it was a bloodbath.

I don't really know what I could have done differently. I feel like if I had been able to drop even a single unit on DZ1 turn 1 or 2 I might have had a chance, since I could have gotten into the church and made a stand there (forcing the Axis to come to me). But as it was, I had small teams, often only individual units, all spread out across the map having to move through entrenched Germans who all had supporting units around them, already set up in kill zones.

Would it have been better for me to drop, and then pull all my dropped units back towards DZ 2 and 4, trying to regroup before moving in? Maybe, but then I've got the 6 turn timer to worry about, and I still have to make my way all the way across the map to get to the church.

Just curious what other people have done, and how they found their experience?

Finally, I noticed in the "End of the game and victory" section that the "rewards" seem to be reversed. Usually, as the winning player you get some kind of benefit, or at least some rule that hinders your opponent for a future scenario. For this one though, it says "German victory: In Scenario 4 the sleeping German units are sleeping soundly, and the American player will be able to deploy his sharpshooters in the church spire, and his pathfinders in the buildings of the village." In the American victory section, it says that if the US wins, the German units are awake, and the US can't deploy his sharpshooters in the spire or pathfinders in the village.

Is this a typo, or a mechanism to balance (i.e. the US had a terrible time of it, like me, and needs all the help he can get!)?

(Edit to say: perhaps this post would have been better in the HoN Scenarios sub-section. Whoops, sorry! Nostra, please feel free to move as necessary)

Sainte-Mere Eglise Strategy posté le [14/10/2018] à 03:56

I'm sure that the scenario rewards were misprinted for that scenario, as it makes no sense that you benefit from playing to lose.

As far as that scenario goes, I've only played it once and it was a narrow victory for the Germans. I'd say it is winnable but you need a little luck to go your way.

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