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Commonwealth Army box French to English
Commonwealth Army box French to English posté le [20/07/2018] à 21:16

I've just bought the commonwealth army box but unfortunately the sell didn't state that the cards were French. As much as I love France but my French is poor.

Is there a document that has a translation of the rules and action cards in to English?


Commonwealth Army box French to English posté le [20/07/2018] à 23:33

You can download the CW sheet here in the files section, so that part is simple.

Card decks are another matter… this is not technically a product issue and DPG doesn't sell the English language decks, and CW is currently out of print.

Contact DPG and maybe they have a deck you can get your hands on. If not ping me in forum mail and I can get you the text so you can do paste-ups on your cards at least.

You could also just use the US deck, since there are only 5 cards or so that are different between the decks.

Also, HoN is supposed to be migrating to V2.0 cards at some point, so a new CW will hopefully eventually be available for purchase if you are stuck with paste-ups.

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