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Bridge overlay
Bridge overlay posté le [30/09/2018] à 17:00

In some scenarios the wood bridges are diagonally tilted instead of being aligned to the grid. Also there are two kind of two space bridges; a straight one and another with "openings" to the left in one tile and to the right in the other one.

Is all of this purely cosmetic and should the bridge be considered a open space (besides underwater passage) or does it has a deeper meaning? ie. You can't "jump" from a bridge to the swamp tiles directly right and left.

Bridge overlay posté le [30/09/2018] à 21:17

Without having indicators on the tile to show that it can only be entered from other tiles (like you get on buildings), I'm assuming it's only aesthetic, which is a nice touch, to be honest.

Plus, if they could only be entered from the ends, then you couldn't enact the Deep Ones emerging from the swamps to drag unsuspecting rangers to a watery grave!

Bridge overlay posté le [30/09/2018] à 21:40

Thats how I've been playing, but a situation similar to this happened in a custom map and it was kind of weird:

I guess you could say that the gap between land and the bridge is small enough to jump over.

Bridge overlay posté le [01/10/2018] à 01:16

Yeah. I'd just play that on the other side, since the bridges are mechanically just clear spaces that can be destroyed to reveal whatever is underneath.

Which would make for a really weird scenario if you placed one over some trees…

Bridge overlay posté le [01/10/2018] à 12:33

It is quite simple to handle these issues. Explain in the scenario, if you made one yourself, or agree with other players before the game on how things will be played or handled so all know about it and play along the same lines from the start.

Some scenarios might require access to a bridge only from the maximum three adjacent squares at either end. You have quite a great liberty when making a scenario.

If a debatable issue is discovered well in-game, work it out using common sense or roll a die to solve the dispute, winner decides how the issue is solved.

As far a bridges over trees are concerned, I can definitely imagine a tree hut setting.

Bridge overlay posté le [02/10/2018] à 00:43

Quote from Moomer on [01/10/2018] à 12:33

As far a bridges over trees are concerned, I can definitely imagine a tree hut setting.

That's actually really cool, if you take the Deep one huts and have their stilt rules apply to all units, and give units inside dominant position.

Bridge overlay posté le [02/10/2018] à 14:53

Or if more units with flying ability emerge these might come in handy. Scenario description could provide jet packs, flying potions, weightlessness (where do you go if you let go???)

Include climbing up or down vines, swinging on vines in the scenario. Roll to succeed (broken vine?).

One tree could be described as hollow providing access to a hut above and the rest of the rooms/huts using the bridges. There could be an elevator with pulleys taking MP to operate.

Battles and feats could take place on ground level and between the branches simultaneously.

Maybe some group must try and catch creatures up in the trees to make an antidote/serum or Zombiemonkeys?…

Loads of possibilities…

Bridge overlay posté le [02/10/2018] à 15:45

Quote from Moomer on [01/10/2018] à 12:33

As far a bridges over trees are concerned, I can definitely imagine a tree hut setting.

Thats cool, but what if a tentacle used that tile to cross from swamp to swamp prior to the destruction and now suddenly its trapped because it was a tree all along?

I would use a decoy or something to indicate it is still a swamp (swamp tiles in a extra terrain set 3 would be nice, but given the situation is not likely to happen)

Bridge overlay posté le [02/10/2018] à 19:16

I was thinking of a tree hut setting in a wooded/jungle area but if you want the surface to be swampy inhabited by tentacled creatures, go ahead.

If the bridge spans a tree square then a tentacle could not use aquatic move there anyhow. Unless you agree or state in the scenario that it spans a swamp square (use that decoy tile there indeed). If the actual terrain provided doesn't quite suit your needs, feel free to improvise, you'll work something out. There are so many possibilities though, especially given the fact that all the stuff from the different "Heroes System" games is compatible in a way. Depending of course on what is in your collection.

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