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Azao Games
Azao Games posté le [03/10/2018] à 13:00


To simplify your orders, we adopted a coding system for the print & play products:

    – AZ001 – La cellule Du Guesclin – punchboard N°1

    – AZ002 – La cellule Du Guesclin – punchboard N°2

    – AZ003 – South Lancashire Regiment

    – AZ004 – Cthulhu Mythos Call 3- Heinrich Von Kamptz

    – AZ005 – Cthulhu Mythos Call 3 – N°666

    – AZ006 – Colossus

    – AZ007 – FFI

    – AZ008 – Steiner Kampfgruppe

    – AZ009 – Miller’s Rangers

    – AZ010A – Achtung! Cthulhu – punchboard N°1 *

    – AZ010B – Achtung! Cthulhu – punchboard N°2 *

    – AZ010C – Achtung! Cthulhu – 3 double-sided terrain boards

    – AZ011 – More Zombies

    – AZ013 – Lord Lovat version 1

    – AZ014 – DUST – punchboard N°1

    – AZ015 – DUST – punchboard N°2

    – AZ016 – DUST – punchboard N°3

    – AZ017A – Battleground Set Woods&Hills – Tile WH1

    – AZ017B – Battleground Set Woods&Hills – Tile WH2

    – AZ017C – Battleground Set Woods&Hills – Tile WH3

    – AZ017D – Battleground Set Woods&Hills – Tile WH4

    – AZ017E – Battleground Set Woods&Hills – Tile WH5

    – AZ017F – Battleground Set Woods&Hills – Tile WH6


* AZ010A and AZ010B need to be ordered together.

We will regularly inform you when new reference numbers are added to this list.

How to order?

To order, just send send an e-mail to Azao Games:

Then specify the reference number(s), the name of the product(s) as well as the amount of each product you would like to order.

Let me remind you about the following things:

– Devil Pig Games is no stakeholder in this agreement, but of course we validated this concept. In case of a problem (unlikely, but it might happen) you should deal directly with Azao Games. The after sales service of DPG cannot help you in that case.

– Azao Games produces in small quantities. The products are of very high quality, but the ‘on demand’ production is done one by one. According to the company’s planning and the number of orders they received, you should take into account a few weeks before your order might get treated. Please be patient.


One punchboard or a terrain board will be billed by Azao at €15 (tax included) per piece.

For an order of three or more pieces, each product will be billed at €10 (tax included) instead of €15.

Azao Games made a great offer to reduce shipping costs. As a rough guide, for a parcel with a weight of less than 1kg, the rates are the following:

    – UK: ± €15

    – USA: €20

    – France: €15

Azao Games posté le [03/10/2018] à 14:19

I have ordered several of these from Azao (AZ003 – AZ006) and can say that they are very good quality.

They are printed on thinner but harder cardboard than what DPG uses, so you can see right away which counters are DPG and which are Azao. So you cannot hide the hidden information counters (like ambush side of some troops) among the normal DPG counters.

Other than that I'm really happy with the counters.

(If you just print and glue these to cardboard yourself, they also stand out from the normal counters. So they will stand out no matter what.)

If more SoN stuff comes out as P$P, I'm prepared to make another order from Azao if needed.

EDIT: Also, the puncboards I ordered came pre-punched and in plastic bags. So the frames were not included in the packet I received. That propably reduced the weight of the packet a bit, so maybe, in theory, lowered the postage?

This is supposed to be a joyful occasion. Lets not bicker and argue about who killed who.

Azao Games posté le [03/10/2018] à 19:18

For those that don't check the news, the Woods and Hills set has been created by GDuprez and was announced in a recent News post.

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Azao Games posté le [03/10/2018] à 19:24

I also ordered most of the Azao stuff except dust and colossus.

The tokens feel very durable. The printing quality is not as good as an original dpg token but still good. Cutting was sometimes off but they have good customer service and I quickly received replacements.

Cedric van Aerssen

Azao Games posté le [07/11/2018] à 21:48

Please keep the following in mind:

1) Azao does stuff in batches. They print in batches, and they answer emails in batches.

1) The fact that they do stuff in batches is one of the reasons they don't charge you until they have actually printed your product. Did you get charged yet?

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Remember: If you are not willing to shell your own position you are not willing to win!

Azao Games posté le [08/11/2018] à 08:37

When I made my Azao order, they took a long time to reply to me (many days). I was wondering if they even got my mail.

But once they confirmed my order things went pretty smoothly.

I didn't get the Colossus counter when I got my order though. My guess is it was so big counter, it didn't fit in the ziplog bag where the rest of the Colossus boards counters came. And whoever packed the order just forgot to include both the ziplog bag and the Colossus itself.

I mailed Azao and they posted the missing Colossus right away to me.

So, a happy end after all.

If more SoN stuff appears to Azao list, I'm prepared to make another order.

This is supposed to be a joyful occasion. Lets not bicker and argue about who killed who.

Azao Games posté le [04/01/2019] à 18:47

Not sure if it goes without saying, but I really hope all of these products make it onto the schedule for P500 printing (see the latest News if you haven't yet!). I'm glad to see Battlegrounds 4 is already being considered.

While I appreciate Azao for making these products available, I'd much rather purchase directly from the source! Yes, I could print out my own mock-ups of the freely-downloadable material you have on this site, but I would MUCH rather buy them, especially versions of the same quality as my other HoN items. No, my arts & crafts skills aren't that bad; it's just that I already have a heck of a challenge making time for playing, let alone cutting and gluing lots of paper & cardboard…

Azao Games posté le [04/01/2019] à 20:51

I tried printing the Mythos Call 3 stuff myself. Then I spent a lot of time cutting and gluing everything into playing pieces.

I wasn't happy at all about the results. I used a good color printer (a copying machine rather) and the pictures were sharp, but all the gluing stuff on a cardboard made the pieces very amateurish.

So my next step was to order them from Azao.

The pieces looked different from DPG stuff, but not bad. I was fine with the result now. The pictures were sharp, but the cardboard used was very different from what DPG used. You could tell which piece was Azao and which was DPG. This didn't really affect but a few counters that were supposed to hide in ambush. So not a big deal.

But if the P500 comes, I'll be ordering them again. I just like my stuff to look the same. The map set I wasn't gonna order from Azao (not enough variation on the map tiles to justify the cost) and I definetly wasn't gonna try to print them!

With P500, I'll again be adding the maps to my collection.

So, even if Azao makes great printing, I very much rather give my money to DPG.

This is supposed to be a joyful occasion. Lets not bicker and argue about who killed who.

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