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Waagh and Boss Pole
Waagh and Boss Pole Upgrades posté le [09/11/2018] à 00:42

These two upgrades for the Orks appear to be missing a token. In the main rulebook and the Ork Reinforcement pamphlet it shows that these upgrades have four available tokens of which a player would choose three to use with the upgrade.

Looking through all the counters I cannot find the Dakka token for the Boss Pole upgrade or the automatic armour save token for the Waagh upgrade.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Waagh and Boss Pole posté le [09/11/2018] à 02:55

Hi ant_s,

For the Bosspole Option the Dakka ability is on the backside of all three of the other tokens (Zag, Boss, and Grim). You can see this here: back vs front. The same applies to the Bosspole Option from the Ork Reinforcement set: back vs front.

For the Waaagh! Option, the automatic armor save is also on the backsdie of all three other tokens (bonus assault, bonus shooting, bonus dice roll). You can see this here: back vs front.

Something I wonder is: when taking this upgrade, must you choose 3 different bonuses, or can you choose multiple of the same? For example, with Bosspole, can I pick 3 Dakka abilities?

Waagh and Boss Pole posté le [19/11/2018] à 23:21

Thanks Quickie, I found them and cannot believe I did not see them the first time around.

I assume you could take all three Dakka tokens as the rules do not say they have to be different.

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