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French Milicia Project
French Milicia Project posté le [21/11/2018] à 15:44

Hy folks,

Several people from the DPG’s english forum recently discovered our French Milicia Project.

At first we were glad to read your enthusiasm.

Then we realised we didn’t communicate at all on the english speaking forum. Such a shame.

I’m beginning to do it today.

We are Molpov (Meulpeu) and me (Moulardo).

Molpov lives in the Alp mountains, along the ski slopes, and I (Moulardo) live on the banks of the Loire, amongst the vineyards and the Châteaux de la Loire.

Each of us began on our own before we discovered that there was another one, somewhere in France.

We both thought it was necessary to remember the grim past of the french collaboration with the german power.

By chance, Meulpeu is mainly interested by the graphical work, and I’m mainly interested by the ludical subjects. Therefore it was easy to work together. The distribution of our work isn’st so schematic, of course, and every little step reflects lengthy discussions and controversies among ourselves.

During next weeks, I will attempt to summarize all the work we already published.

And from now, I will translate each new topic about our French Milicia Project in order to publish it on the English Speaking topic.

For french speaking members, you will find our work at

See you!


French Milica Project posté le [21/11/2018] à 16:05

Hi Moulardo,

So glad you decided to share your hard work with the English speaking part of the community too. I've been following the French (je suis belge, néerlandophone pourtant) topic for quite some time now and the work I've seen so far is simply stunning. Especially the new concept with the anti-cards is really brilliant and very well approached thematic-wise. I see this growing as entire new faction in the HSTS world.

Great work! I'm very eager to playtest this faction, once it's done.

Looking for players in Belgium (Brussels/Antwerp/Mechelen/Leuven)

French Milica Project posté le [21/11/2018] à 19:35

Thank you for sharing your stunning work Molpov and Moulardo! I'm very grateful for you translating to English.

French Milica Project posté le [23/11/2018] à 10:10

Thank you for sharing! Looks really amazing!

French Milicia Project posté le [24/11/2018] à 15:00

I have seen your work as I scoured the forums for custom units months ago. I was impressed by the variety. They are wonderful. Now with translations I will be able to use them. Thank you so much.

French Milicia Project posté le [30/11/2018] à 17:21

Dear early Resistants,

Today, I’m pleased to present you our work about theAction Cards.

It isn’t the first french topic we wrote, but it is our most recent working topic.

Which Action Cards may the Axis player use if French Milicia units are among its Army's composition ?

We can draw our inspiration from the case of French Resistants. The Ally player builds its deck by choosing its Action Cards in the US pack of cards.

Therefore, we have decided that :

. If the Axis’s Army composition includes both French Milicia units and other Axis Factions’s units (Wehrmacht, SS, Gestapo, and may be (later) Italian troops), the Axis player must build its deck by choosing its Action Cards in the US pack of cards.

. If the Axis’s Army composition includes only French Milicia units), the Axis player must build its deck by choosing its Action Cards from a select group of the the US Action Cards.

Indeed, some of US Action Cards don’t match with French Milicia, and must then be removed from the US Action Cards pack before building the French Milicia’s deck.

The Action Cards which must be removed are :

. all Artillery Action Cards,

. all Aviation Action Cards,

. the Action Card Geballte Ladung,

. the Action Card Hitler Jugend,

. and the Action Card Reparation.

However, we are seriously thinking about creating a dedicated Vichy Troops Actions Cards pack. It would consist of a maximum of 52 Cards, and would allow to reinforce the ludical and historical identities of this new faction.

To be continued, with the concept of Anti-Cards 💡 .


PS : I’m eager about being corrected in my English speaking. Please then tell me if you see any English Mistakes, in order me to correct them.

French Milicia Project posté le [30/11/2018] à 19:47

Hi, I love to have a dedicated card deck. In my opinion it’s much easier to take out your correct deck then preparing another deck by adding and removing cards. The removal of cards is one of the most disliked aspects of old school Heroes of Normandie setup. It just takes too much time. Which brings me to my next point.

May I suggest some future proofing for the cards/deck? As you know, Heroes of Stalingrad will see the new and improved 50 card decks with the alternate bonuses. These decks already exist for Shadows over Normandie and now also for Black Reach. People, me included, seem to like these smaller decks because the removal of cards is no longer necessary. Plus the alternate bonus gives useless cards still a purpose.

So what about a dedicated Militia deck with faction specific alternate bonuses?

Still, when the Militia forms an ally with the Germans, you’ll need a system of a modded German deck.

Looking for players in Belgium (Brussels/Antwerp/Mechelen/Leuven)

French Milicia Project posté le [01/12/2018] à 19:06

I’m sorry that i’m only picking up this tiny bit but!!! ITALIANS!!!!! :0

I agree with Bart on the deck. A dedicated deck is cool! And future proofing it sounds like the way to go.

However, mixing when you have both german and militia is also really cool!

French Milicia Project posté le [02/12/2018] à 23:26

Dear soldiers,

After the Action Cards topic, there comes the Anti-Cards Topic.

"Anti-Cards" ? What is that ?

Among our ludic solutions to weaken French Milicia, is the use of Anti-Cards.

Our idea is to add to the Axis deck a small number of Action Cards which handicaps the Axis player, instead of helping it. These disadvantageous cards are the Anti-Cards.

We created 2 kinds of Anti-Cards :

. the Anti-Cards Doubtful Recruitment,

. the Anti-cards Perfidious Cards (only a working name, we must find a better name)

The cards Doubtful Recruitment :

Our purpose is to reflect the presence in the French Milicia units of a large number of men afflicted with dramatic shortcomings (alcoholism, delinquency, psychiatric disorders, too old to serve, etc.). Indeed, French Milicia, faced with recruitment difficulties, gradually lowered its minimum recruitment requirements.

This Action Card hasn’t any effect.

This Anti-Card may be discarded during reserve phase, as every Action Card.

It wastes pointlessly one of the four places on the Milicia player’s hand for the entire turn.

The Perfidious Cards :

They are more problematic fot the Axis player.

Our purpose is to reflect the mediocre training within French Milicia and Franc-Garde, and their bad operationnal performances as soon as they had to face a serious opponent.

The Perfidious Cards give a tactival bonus to the Axis player’s opponent (the Allied player).

For example, the Action Card "Inconscience Juvénile" (Youth Recklessness) gives to the Allied player a bonus for a Firing Action against an infantry target.

After having drawn a Perfidious Card, the Axis Player has two choices :

. he can keep it on his hand, and then avoid giving a tactical bonus to his opponent,

. or he can give it to his opponent, in order to clear his hand. In this case, he will suffer from the tactical bonus he gave to his opponent.

Notice, that Perfidious Cards can never be discarded by the Axis player.

First settings before testing this system

Number of Anti-Cards:

With Anti-Cards, we want to reduce the Axis Player’s hand to only 3 cards on his own benefit.

Then, it needs 10 Anti-Cards in a 40 cards deck.

We will then creat 10 Anti-Cards :

6 Anti-Cards Doubtful Recruitment and 4 Perfidious Cards


5 Anti-Cards Doubtful Recruitment and 5 Perfidious Cards.

This number of 10 Anti-Cards remains the same if the Axis player chooses to have a larger deck.

Admittedly, the proportion of Anti-Cards is decreased, but so is it for the good Action Cards.

When must the Axis player add the Anti-Cards his deck ?:

All 10 Anti-Cards must be added to the deck as soon as there is at least one French Milicia unit in the Axis army composition.

A Recruitment Option will soon allow to remove the Perfidious Cards from the deck.

That’s all Folks !

Please give us your opinion about these Anti-Cards and please, please, please, tell me all the englis mistake I made in this text.


French Milicia Project posté le [04/12/2018] à 00:00

I know they are meant to hamper the hand of the player but a card that has no effect feels a bit odd to me.

I would prefer if the Doubtful Recruitment card would come with an in game effect that reflects the impact of the not so elite quality of some recruits in the militia's ranks.

Effects on movement, firing, melee and orders being carried out or not quite…

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