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[Unofficial] French Militia Project
French Militia Project posté le [08/01/2019] à 07:20

Very nice!! I love the wine to boost morale of the low morale troops!

French Militia Project posté le [29/01/2019] à 22:06

Several Command Tile Recruitment Options today.

The Recruitment Option Mortar

During the preparation of the assault of the Plateau des Glières, French Militia managed to obtain authorisation from occupant’s administration to form a mortar unit. 60mm Brandt Mortars were then picked up among French Armistice Army’s stocks.

We then decided to give the opportunity for the French Militia player to recruit a 60mm Mortar. We gave to this Mortar OR Command Tile stripes, in order to let only large formation to be able to recruit it.

The Recruitment Option .30 cal

This american .30 cal machine gun is a war loot, picked up from a clumsy stuff RAF’s parachuting. As it is precious, and as the ammunitions picked up with it are not inexhaustible, this machine gun is only used during big operations. As for the Mortar Or, we then gave to this .30 cal OR Command Tile stripes.

The Recruitment Option Canine unit

This canine unit is the same unit as the Gestapo’s HundeStaffel.

To his shame, Raymond, the Dog Handler is followed everywhere by Terror, a small Jack Russel he took for a ferocious war dog when it was still a puppy.

The Recruitment Option Mole

French Militia often used prior infiltration into the area where it was about to intervene military. A mole settled in a village durring several months, gathered and transmetted precious informations for the ongoing investigations.

The mole was also able to guide Franc-Garde’s units on the day of the attack.

We the created the Recruitment Option Mole among the Tile Command Stripes OR.

This OR allows the French Militia player to get the Mole counter and the Mole Card.

The Mole Card may be flipped at the end of the Support Phase in order to reveal the Mole Counter or, on the contrary, to re-infiltrate it. As every State change, the Rebealed/Infiltrated state can be changed only once per turn.

The Counter Mole can receive an Order Token only if it is on it’s Revealed state.

According to the scenario’s specifications :

. the French Militia player inserts the Mole Card in the Action Card’s stack (more or less randomly), and will be able to use it (and reveals or hides the Mole Counter),


. the French Militia player is already in possession of the Mole Card (and is then able to reveal or to hide it) at the beginning of the game.

Once the French Militia player ins in possession of the Mole Card, he keeps it in front of him on the table, as far as the Mole is alive.

Don’t hesitate to share all the particular cases you will find.


French Militia Project posté le [22/02/2019] à 17:09

And today, the Recruitment Option Autobus, which will allow to dramatize a lot of historical events.

A great motivation for the FFI player to assault it in order to free heroically its poor passengers.

French Militia Project posté le [22/02/2019] à 21:52

Nice, I like the buss. 🙂

This is supposed to be a joyful occasion. Lets not bicker and argue about who killed who.

French Militia Project posté le [23/02/2019] à 05:01

Just a quick note to say how impressed I am with the work you are doing. These units are great. The art is top grade. You should be proud of your work, it is wonderful. :mrgreen:

Member of the « Cult of the Inexisting New » – Thanks bartdevuyst

French Militia Project posté le [23/02/2019] à 07:31

Your work is great! It looks totally professional, both in artwork and in the effort to make it historically correct. It is so good that I hope DPG will not only include it in its official download section but will print it also and include it as official product expansion!

French Militia Project posté le [26/02/2019] à 08:53

Thanks guys!

Your encouragement is a big help!

Here comes soon a new character, a terrible bastard…

Molpov & Moulardo

French Militia Project posté le [26/02/2019] à 14:51

Ready to order the official print.

Happy HoN player in Toronto.

French Militia Project posté le [27/02/2019] à 19:18

+1 for P500

Happy HoN player in Toronto.

French Militia Project posté le [07/03/2019] à 14:04

Today, a famous traitor, a french creep hired into the Paris Gestapo, the collabo Adolfo Ramirez.

For those who do not know about him, we invite you to watch the french movie Papy fait de la résistance. It is a french cult comedy. You’ll see who is Adolfo Ramirez.

Originally concierge of the Paris Music Academy, Adolfo Ramirez enlistes Paris Gestapo in a low-level position. The reasons for the derogation granted to him when registering are not clear.

Therefore he takes the opportunity given by his small power to avenge the humiliations he had suffered in working within the Paris cultural milieu.

As a real basterd, Ramirez benefits from the Hostage taker hability.

Hostage taker

If it is stacked with Ramirez (who benefits from the Hostage taker hability), a civilian counter gains temporiraly the BodyGuard hability, for the sole benefit of Ramirez.

When shooting at this square, the shooting across Ramirez will be resolved before resolving the shooting across counter A.

With other words, counter A is a Ramirez’s additionnal hit point.

For now, the Ramirez Recruitment Option can only be recruited by the French Militia's Command Tile, as it is the only Recruitment Tile with a small Gestapo slot.

For now : )

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