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Optimal shipping costs
Optimal shipping costs posté le [23/11/2018] à 11:21

It’s hard to honestly admit that most of us are addicted to playing online games every day because that allows us to indulge in life completely without any complicated requirement and waiting time. Taking advantage of the small amount of time after stressful learning and tedious work to play online games is absolutely a great idea, so it’s time to pamper and love yourself more.

You may have to face a lot of tasks, the pressure in the real world, however, when immersing yourself into the virtual world, the games that owe you real joy and happiness. Check out the best free online games below for instant fun with your friends.

1. Penalty Shootout: Multi League

Join in the fun sports game

Taking participate in various leagues in Penalty Shootout: Multi League and putting your penalty skills to the test! After kicking a league, you need to choose your favorite team first. In this game, you act as a kicker and a goalkeeper alternately. Each position has different duties. 

When performing the task of a kicker, you will have three moving indicators to change the direction, height as well as the ball’s speed. And, the keeper should click the target indicator in time. Moreover, this is one of the perfect games you can play with friends online, so don’t hesitate to share this game with your close friends now!

2. Penalty Shooters 2

There are 360 teams over ten leagues.

It’s a valuable chance for you to select one of the famous leagues from  Germany, Argentina, Spain, North America, and Russia. To get started the match, you need to compete with other teams as a goalkeeper and a penalty kicker by taking turns. The amazing number of teams in this game can instill a sense of interest immediately, check now!

You will take a look at 360 teams from over 10 leagues.

This game has nice graphics and simple controls. You can enjoy the beautiful image’s effect while moving. All you need is to use your mouse to click, aim and shoot simply. 

3. Chrono Tales

Throw yourself into an awesome world

Chrono Tales throws you to the past-present world to fight the foe. In this game, you completely set the Hell King Ulam by your own way. You can go back the past to fix the mistakes of history. The combat system is so incredible that you even have three pét instantly to complete the task better.

This game also provides you with a variety of classes of characters which helps you freely enjoy the game by imagination.

Did you prepare snacks and favorite drinks of all you, guys? It’s time to leave our article now to have more fun with your friends. Last but not least, don’t forget to check our website – Game websites that arent blocked at Manti Games to have more fun games!

Optimal shipping costs posté le [23/11/2018] à 23:57

I'm not totally sure what you are asking but looking at the shipping rate page 10 Euro is the minimum shipping for any order so it won't be less than that.

All you could do is add items to your order up to the maximum weight for 10 Euro. If you don't want anything else then you are stuck.

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