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Shipping to alternate address
Shipping to alternate address posté le [18/12/2018] à 07:55


I want to ship to another address and need some clarification.

My alternate address is in Europe (I'm in Australia) and the shipping cost doesn't update, the shipping still shows the shipping cost to Australia but the shipping is free to Europe when an order is over 100euro.

The order page says mailing address and shipping address. I presume mailing address is the billing address, is this correct?

Shipping to alternate address posté le [18/12/2018] à 15:01

Unless I'm mistaken, you sent me a message on this subject. I'm looking at the problem and I'll answer you. Sorry for the waiting time but as a volunteer, I only process requests in my spare time, on weekends and in the evening.

Shipping to alternate address posté le [19/12/2018] à 02:29

Just got your message, thanks.

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