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Exclusive punchboards
Exclusive punchboards posté le [18/12/2018] à 17:53

Just recently started to check out Black Reach, totally missed the preorder and any talk about it during that timeframe…any word if Zorgram and the WD exclusive of Casius and *Ork gibberish name* will eventually be put up in the stores separately? I'd love to snag them up but I doubt I'll find the WD anywhere and I didnt get the core game from Devil Pig directly. My completionist instinct is kicking in and I require all the characters!

« Fear is for the enemy…fear and bullets. »

Exclusive punchboards posté le [19/12/2018] à 22:46

I just purchased the WD the other day via an online retailer. I know that Ebay, one reputable store has the WD edition for 8 dollars + 12 ish shipping for priority, and there is an individual in Canada who is selling just the BR characters. Other than those two, you might be able to find someone selling that specific edition of White Dwarf, it is February 2018 I believe.

Exclusive punchboards posté le [05/01/2019] à 21:08

I see that Zogrim the Kharnager is available with the HoBR core, but I want to support my Local Game store (that I work at). Will he be available separately?

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