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Commonwealth playstyle different?
Commonwealth playstyle different? posté le [22/12/2018] à 16:16

Hi everyone!

I was researching for a scenario for 1st SS panzer and found out they fought the british.

Now I'm thinking about getting the commonwealth army box.

Do they have some different mechanics than the US army? Or is it mainly cosmetic?

Commonwealth playstyle different? posté le [22/12/2018] à 23:22

It is not just cosmetic. The CW troops tend to have more mortars, and a bit of a different mix of troops.

The CW deck is mostly the same as the US, except for the "flavor" cards (excuse me, flavour cards in this case) that have a different feel than the US cards. It is only about 6 cards, so not a huge difference, but it can change the course of play a bit 🙂

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Commonwealth playstyle different? posté le [23/12/2018] à 00:07

The Commonwealth is a very diverse faction.

The Army Box is a good starting point because you get the Order Tokens and the Action Card deck. Plus four punchboards with a wide selection of troops. Even some Command Tiles. Bren LMG and PIAT units have Opportunity Fire. Canadian ambush troops. And quite a lot of Universal Carriers…

The British platoon single punchboard expansion (East Yorkshire Regimen) is cool too because it focusses on very heavy weapons. No regular troopers here! Lt. Higgins has the 'Barrage Order' which lets him command up to three nearby heavy weapon units with the same name. For instance a triple Vickers MG attack! 3" Mortar squads (a devastating green template +4 plus 2 destruction dice). Multiple Vickers machine guns. A flamer that's absolutely crushing. A 6 pounder AT gun (+1/+5/+4)! Two universal carriers. Ammo Belt recruitment option.

If someday you decide to get the Gazettes with more English and Canadian troops, you'll be in for a treat… Flamer Tanks who doesn't like those? :mrgreen:

Looking for players in Belgium (Brussels/Antwerp/Mechelen/Leuven)

Commonwealth playstyle different? posté le [24/12/2018] à 11:50

…..sigh…. ok….. guess I'll buy the freaking commonwealth army box as well then… 😉 😉 😉

Thanks for the info guys! ^_^

Bart: It seems I already have the easy yorkshire regiment. Bought that to add some more heavy weapons in the mix for my wife, for when I'm going to run the 1st SS panzer.

Commonwealth playstyle different? posté le [24/12/2018] à 12:53

Quote from bartdevuyst on [23/12/2018] à 00:07

Flamer Tanks who doesn't like those? :mrgreen:

After our latest HoBR game : Me ! 😉 😀

Commonwealth playstyle different? posté le [31/12/2018] à 04:50

I personally enjoy the Commonwealth forces.

Their tanks are on par with the Americans and they have a number of units that can provide opportunity fire to keep the Germans honest. The most used I believe are their Bren Teams.

I do enjoy the 'cosmetic' flavor of the Commonwealth forces as well………..:)

Commonwealth playstyle different? posté le [02/01/2019] à 10:07

Nice! Good to know Lewster. Thanks!

The commonwealth forces arrived a few days ago ^_^

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