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Ge Airborne
Ge Airborne posté le [25/01/2019] à 21:21


I'm looking for a Ge Airborne set.

Unfortunately it seems that there is not even used for sale.

In the store it is sold out. 😥

Could you evaluate the reprint or insert it in a P500?

I'm composing my HoN collection, I miss this very important article.

Can anyone help me?

Ge Airborne posté le [25/01/2019] à 23:37

Have you looked for the Carentan expansion? GE paratrooper units are featured in this set. Unfortunately the airborne cards and activation markers are not included but it does contain some unique and very nasty units. Hope this helps.

Ge Airborne posté le [26/01/2019] à 03:02

I bought it today. The fact is that I wanted to make my collection more complete and, as you said, also have order markers. Unfortunately, this set seems untraceable. Is it possible that it will be reprinted?

Ge Airborne posté le [26/01/2019] à 16:11

I looked in the World and US shops and there is nothing available. There is a possibility DPG will reprints them in the future. They are planning on offering up limited runs of older, out-of-print but still in-demand items; see the the P500 announcement on the home page.

Did you check Amazon and Ebay? Sometimes items will turn up there on rare occasions…

Ge Airborne posté le [26/01/2019] à 17:05

Yes, I read the article too. I hope Ge Airborne will be added to a P500 in the future. Thanks for your advice. If someone sells it let me know in the meantime.

Ge Airborne posté le [26/01/2019] à 20:39

Add me to the list of people asking for a reprint of the GE airborne. I just got into this game and think I've found almost everything. Then this came up and I realize I missed this item in my checklist

Ge Airborne posté le [27/01/2019] à 05:21

I never considered purchasing the GE paratrooper blister pack because there were not a lot of units included with it; it mainly consisted of order markers, dice and paratrooper-specific cards which I didn't find that necessary.

But I recently played against a gentleman who had bought the blister pack (I played the Germans using his stuff). The order tokens and dice were cool, of course, but the cards were fantastic. They completely changed the flavor of the game, giving me the option of actions that were geared specifically towards paratroopers and their style of combat. Unfortunately, as we have discussed, the expansion is no longer available. Let's hope they do reprint it.

Ge Airborne posté le [27/01/2019] à 06:31

I hope someone from Devil Pig takes these requests to heart. I think there are others who would buy Ge Airborne if they reprinted it. At least all those who like me have approached the game recently.

Ge Airborne posté le [08/02/2019] à 14:59

Hello, you can enter in a next p500 ge airborne, what do you think?

Ge Airborne posté le [08/02/2019] à 15:02

Quote from e_ba on [08/02/2019] à 14:59

Hello, you can enter in a next p500 ge airborne, what do you think?

Yann's updating the stock at the moment, with daily updates. Check the shop from time to time to see if there's any stock left of this product.

Looking for players in Belgium (Brussels/Antwerp/Mechelen/Leuven)

Ge Airborne posté le [08/02/2019] à 19:37

Probably it must be sold out because it has no availability in the store

Ge Airborne posté le [08/02/2019] à 22:13

Yes, we don't have any more.

Ge Airborne posté le [08/02/2019] à 23:58

Thank you for confirming. I've been looking for it everywhere for weeks. I also asked all those who said they had it on Bgg, but nobody sells it. Please .. insert it in a next P500. I think others are looking for it too. 🙁

Ge Airborne posté le [09/02/2019] à 10:00

I agree. I didn't consider buying it until I used a friend's set and now I'm wishing I had. Please consider it for a future P500.

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