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[V2.0] Airstrike and Artillery systems
Airstrikes and Artillery in V2.0 posté le [04/02/2019] à 21:05

At some point, after the Compendium was printed, DPG restructured the Airstrike and Artillery mechanics. They are no longer cards you buy but instead are recruitment options (Artillery) or recruitment tiles (Aircraft) you purchase as part of your army that allow you to call on "off-board" resources. The changes to Artillery were already in process when the Compendium was written, so Artillery Support (p. 63) is now how all Artillery works.

Here are the new rules for Aviation


Units with the Aircraft Special Ability are not present on the battlefield: they fly over it. They always have Clear LoS to every Unit except those that are inside of Buildings. On the other hand, all Units that do not have a Limited Range Special Ability also have Clear LoS to all Aircraft Units.

An Aircraft Unit may take a Firing Action only if a Numbered Order or Special Order Token is placed on its tile. This may also be a Bluff Order Token, in which case the unit will not attack.

Neither the Aircraft shooting at a Unit on the board or a Unit shooting at an Aircraft suffer a Range Limit penalty for that shot.

If an Aircraft is shooting at a Heavy Vehicle, then it uses the side Defense Value.

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