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Pursuit. posté le [12/02/2019] à 16:56

HoN is based on history but definitely on war movies as well.

Because the vehicle park is notably being expanded thanks to the upcoming militia expansion and because many war movies contain a pursuit, I was wondering if it would be possible to come up with playable scenarios that contain a pursuit or entirely consist of one big pursuit.

With or without pumpkins. The pumpkins might become something more threatening in a SoN scenario.

Some slapstick perhaps?

Or more seriously.

With a few stunts, use your imagination.

Your opinions, ideas?

The train might be the vehicle of choice or be included.

Pursuit. posté le [12/02/2019] à 17:09

Brilliant scenes! I love the idea.

One long battlefield would work out fine. I once tried something similar with rails next to a single line of terrain boards. Works perfectly.

☠☠☠Heroes of Belgium ☠☠☠

Pursuit. posté le [12/02/2019] à 17:22

Or alternatively it is possible to ignore the actual terrain tiles and just place vehicles close to one another. Change the position of the vehicles depending on their variable speed while the shooting or fighting goes on…

Could be suitable for the newly proposed topic on Indiana Jones adventures…

We might need to give the heroes some extra hit points in order to have some Hollywood style battles.

Pursuit. posté le [12/02/2019] à 19:05

Use a rolling battlefield? One long line of maps (3 tiles long) and every second or third turn remove a map tile from left and add a new map tile to right. Everybody has to keep moving.

Somebody on the map tile that was removed is considered left behind or vehicles crashedstuck.

Next map tile can be planned beforehand, I.e. Stack the tiles to one side in pre arranged stack or just use a random tile.

I actually need to try this in my campaign…

This is supposed to be a joyful occasion. Lets not bicker and argue about who killed who.

Pursuit. posté le [12/02/2019] à 20:17

Quote from bartdevuyst on [12/02/2019] à 17:09

I see my favorite accessory… the laser pointer that draws a nice line. Great for LoS 🙂

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