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Order Question
Order Question posté le [17/09/2019] à 05:57

Quote from e_ba on [16/09/2019] à 18:57

Hi, I wanted to cancel an order that I just placed, to change it. Can you help me? Order number 53N0799428177712J. Let me know, thanks.

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Order Question posté le [25/10/2019] à 22:25

Hey guys, i'm new here on these forums but was searching to see if others had order issues. From reading some other posts and this one, seems like it takes a while to get a support response.

I tried to submit an order on their shop days ago and it failed to submit but i have now found that my credit card got charged TWICE for the order that didn't even complete processing (although it does show in my account as "pending, you didn't validate your order yet"). I hope I get a response from the support form soon as I really need them to refund one of those amounts before my credit card bill hits. Or i'll have to contact my bank and request they reverse the charges.

Anyway, sounds like they do eventually get to everything but it's certainly frustrating to wait when i'm looking at double the charges i expected.

Order Question posté le [01/11/2019] à 11:33

Hi bardow,

We will take care of it ASAP. Sorry for that.


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