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Why squares?
Why squares? posté le [13/04/2019] à 19:13

One of the tabletop board games that crosses more into wargame, at least for me, is Tide of Iron, especially because it allows for squad customization and rolling more than two dice, the number is closer to standard wargame fare. But for me the lack of battlefield customization but scenarios, (Some of which in some expansion campaigns, or one entire expansion campaign, are not balanced in the slightest)

On the topic of Hex vs Square vs Nothing? I am an avid Battletech player, have been for years and I grew up with the paper hexsheets. While Hexes are good for determining facing as others said, it isn't the best for determining LoS, mainly because you have to determine a firing arc and that isn't always neat or well done. And a 360 firing arc on hex for everything (Not just certain units) kinda begs the question of why use hex at all at that point because it doesn't add anything or change anything.

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