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P500 - Poll
P500 - Poll posté le [17/04/2019] à 14:27

I am not sure when we will get the next P500 for HoN or when HoN 2.0 will come out but for a moment I want to assume the best case scenario where DPG offers HoN 2.0 along with other items for print. This way we can all save on shipping.

Here is a summery of what we have suggested so far.

Heroes Normandie 2.0

  • Heroes Normandie 2.0 core box (maybe an upgrade pack for those who don't want the terrain tiles)

  • GE Deck box with sleeves. Perhaps this can be offered as a combo with the 2.0 box. GE and US deck boxes with sleeves.

  • Compendium Scenario book (official DPG + community +additional DPG scenarios)

  • Updated Compendium Rules Book

    I would be up for a reprint of the compendium rules book that will include HoN and HoS without SoN. The new compendium will have the fixes and improvements based on these two threads:

  • Changes –

  • Questions and Answers –

  • Improved index

  • Print and Play

  • French Militia Project + Scenarios

  • South Lancashire

  • Community Print and Play files (vehicles, units, terrain)

  • Blast From the Past

  • GE Airborne – highly requested item

  • Miller’s rangers

  • South Lancashire

  • Steiner Kampfgruppe

  • Terrain

  • Maps with mountains and cities. Battle for Berlin?

  • Battleground Set 4 – Woods and Hills

  • Cross over map tiles

  • Battle for Castle (Where Eagles Dare, The Dirty Dozen, even Castle Wolfenstein…)

  • Happy HoN player in Toronto.

    P500 - Poll posté le [22/09/2019] à 17:46

    Hello. Is another P500 coming soon?:)

    P500 - Poll posté le [30/09/2019] à 15:25

    Is another P500 expected to include the GE Airborne package, for example? Or do you have to buy it from retailers? Can anyone from Devil Pig give information about this?

    P500 - Poll posté le [30/09/2019] à 19:10

    Your best bet at the moment is to get it from a retial store or eBay.

    Happy HoN player in Toronto.

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