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[TCG] Errata
[TCG] Errata posté le [11/03/2019] à 00:16

Card Errors

3 cards contain errors that have an impact on the game:

– Card N°107 German (Basic Box): Felkommando (Panzer Kampfgruppe)

– Card N°300 US (Battle of the Bulge): Easy Company (Band of Brothers)

– Card N°410 German (Free Fight): Siegfried (King of Battles)

DPG has started the reprinting of these 3 cards, which will be sent to all kickstarter backers as soon as they are printed.

For those who will buy the games from the Webstore, the corrected cards will be automatically added to your order.

For those willing to print a copy, you can now find the corrected cards in the download section [link]

There Are Some Gaps in the Sequence, am I Missing Cards?

Some of you think they are missing cards because you have noticed that there are holes in the card numbering sequence. There is no reason to worry, a few numbers from the sequence have not been assigned. So the cards simply do not exist.

For a full list of the Ranges, you can go HERE


– Cards 36 and 38 do not exist.

– Cards 112 and 113 do not exist.

– Card 410 (Siegfried) in included in the errata cards (above)


– Card 006 does not exist.

Note 1: Belgian forces have their own number, so they are not duplicates with Commonwealth units or HQs.

Note 2: Some card numbers were reused for different cards, but since the combination of name plus number is still unique, it should not impact the game so those issues will not be fixed.

Is The Battle of the Bulge missing a scenario?

On the back of the “Battle of the Bulge” box, there are 5 scenarios. This is a mistake.

There are only 4 scenarios in this box.


I do not yet have the information on all the errors found, but a new version of the book is being corrected and should be available for download at some point.

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