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German Deck Same as HoN?
German Deck HoS vs HoN posté le [15/03/2019] à 01:58

Is the German Deck in HoS the same as in HoN?

Happy HoN player in Toronto.

German Deck Same as HoN posté le [15/03/2019] à 08:08

At a very basic level, they cannot be the same as the HoN deck you have.

The HoS deck follows the V2 format — a fixed set of cards (50) that have alternate bonuses on corner-case cards, etc. With the introduction of Alt. Bonus values, some cards were eliminated from the V2 decks.

It is also themed a bit toward the Eastern Front, but that really only affects the 6 or so "faction specific" cards.

Saying much more than that would be telling, sorry.

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German Deck Same as HoN posté le [15/03/2019] à 08:27

Also, I suspect the pictures in the cards will be Eastern front themed.

I.e. The german Bogged down card in HoN shows picture of US tank, but I suspect the german Bogged down card in HoSTA will show a picture of russian tank instead.

This is supposed to be a joyful occasion. Lets not bicker and argue about who killed who.

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