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Can I get just the V2 Compendium Core + Compendium Scenario Book
HoN 2.0 Compendium Core + Compendium Scenario Book posté le [29/03/2019] à 02:54

Sometime in 2019, we will hopefully get HoN 2.0 print.

As a customer, I would be interested in purchasing core set 2.0, Compendium Scenarios Book, and any other product like Fii or Gazette #9.

The main reason is the shipping cost. I don't know how soon the 2.0 core set will be available in retail. Thus I may buy it from DPG directly. However, I would much rather prefer to buy 2.0 and some other products to save on shipping.

I think that core set 2.0, compendium scenario book, and FII expansion (community files) is a great incentive to buy everything in one order.

If possible of course.

Happy HoN player in Toronto.

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