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Event Cards?
Rules and Symbols Questions posté le [31/03/2019] à 22:21

I am a little confused about the Event cards. My question is, Are the event cards shuffled into the Reserve deck and are used whenever they get drawn into your hand or are they set aside to use at anytime?

Thanks for A great game btw.


Event Cards? posté le [01/04/2019] à 00:30

I have not had a chance to go through all the info yet, since I just got my pledge.

The Events have the same backs as the other cards, right? If so then I think they would be covered by "Put together your deck of cards as determined by the scenario, shuffle it, and place it to the left of your command board."

Setup does not mention anything about a separate pile for Events.

I think that is backed up by the description of Event cards in Appendix 1, where it says you just play them from your hand.

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Event Cards? posté le [01/04/2019] à 02:14

Yeah, That was my thoughts as well. I can see played both ways. I would seem if you have just a couple of event cards in your deck, in a larger game, you might not ever draw them.

thanks for the reply.

Event Cards? posté le [01/04/2019] à 07:22

Never mind on this question. I figured it out and problem solved. It would have solved it self if I had read the scenarios first.

Seed the event cards into the Reserve deck.

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