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Trench LOS
Trench LOS posté le [01/04/2019] à 21:16


I recently tried the Pegasus Bridge campaign and i had a few questions regarding LOS within/outside trenches.

Though the rules are clear for trench LOS (yellow and red arrows), it doesn't specify if you have to stand next to the side of a trench to see units inside said trench. Simply put, since the units inside are "below ground level", i was wondering if i could see them from afar while moving closer to the trench.

Do units outside a trench have LOS to units inside it?

Trench LOS posté le [01/04/2019] à 22:46

There is no LoS modifer on trenches. There are some special rules associated with the Hole terrain effect, but again they do not affect the ability to target units in a trench, just that you can target PAST such units.

So you can draw LoS to a unit in the trench. Do keep in mind that such a unit will gain a +2 defense bonus from the trench.

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Trench LOS posté le [02/04/2019] à 02:47


This clarifies a lot.

Trench LOS posté le [02/04/2019] à 09:47

The rule is: "if someone can see you, you can see it!"

One exception: the concealed capacity with some specific conditions.

Trench LOS posté le [28/07/2019] à 22:59

Units inside the trench 'hole' can be spotted / engaged, they just get a nice terrain bonus – which I believe is +2.

The big thing about units in holes is that you can draw a LOS and fire over them.

Units inside the same multi-square hole do block LOS of another unit in the same hole.

There is a good explanation on page 18 of the Compendium.

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