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What To Play After Core Set?
What To Play After Core Set? posté le [05/06/2019] à 00:02

My friend and I finished playing the core set the other week.

What would you recommend to play next? Follow all of the products as they were released? Some fan made scenarios?

Happy HoN player in Toronto.

What To Play After Core Set? posté le [05/06/2019] à 01:45

Anything would be fine. The D-Day expansion is a lot of fun and all of the scenarios can be played thru pretty quickly. I've played half of the scenarios in the Carentan expansion and they've all been good but they get more expansive and complex as you go…tons of house to house fighting. I have not played thru my copy of the Pegasus Bridge expansion; my rule book came with the first page printed in French and I have not downloaded the correction yet. The scenarios look great, though, and seem to follow the historical events pretty closely.

I haven't played Sainte-Mere Eglise either (I just ordered it a couple of months ago) but it looks good as well. I've got a lot of gaming to catch up on…

What To Play After Core Set? posté le [05/06/2019] à 07:35

I also suggest continuing with the big box scenario boxes and D-Day. Each of these sets introduces new mechanics, special abilities and units.

Afterwards you can tackle the Gazettes.

☠Heroes System Belgium Represent ☠

What To Play After Core Set? posté le [07/06/2019] à 04:04

For anyone who will be searching for an answer in the future, here is the answer to this question:

Historical Campaign – Operation Neptune

Happy HoN player in Toronto.

What To Play After Core Set? posté le [09/06/2019] à 12:06

hmmm! With the summer sale going on I skipped on Pegasus Bridge and D-Day. The scenario's in there seemed to be rather the same in each of the expansions.

On D-Day you're trying to either storm or defend the beach. And Pegasus Bridge has a huge river disectiing the battlefields, forcing everything in a funnel.

I get that that's cool, but I'd rather had that in the corebox or mixed together in one expansion. Instead of a single expansion focusing on one aspect with 3 or 4 missions doing the same thing?

Or is there more to it?

@Slyfox I went to Carentan after the corebox and liked it! Hoped there was more urban fighting sooner in the Carentan Campaign. It started rather late. I'm now playing St Mere Eglise. That has an urban setting pretty much from scenario 2.

What To Play After Core Set? posté le [09/06/2019] à 22:46

I enjoy free battles — you and your opponent set an army size, put a map together and fight.

I generally ignore the Bonus Tactics (or at least remove the two permanent +1 Order tactics and use the other 4).

You can either have one person put the battlefield together and then the other person gets to choose which side they want to use, or just split up the design duties and build something that will be fun to fight on. Depends on the personalities involved 😉

You can set limits on Armor, mortars and such if you are worried about it, or even discuss the sort of fight you want to have ahead of time so the armies match the theme. Again, depends on what you like.

But I have a lot of fun just playing a fun fight.

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