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[Fan] Historical Campaign - Operation Neptune
[Fan] Historical Campaign - Operation Neptune posté le [13/06/2019] à 08:50

anyone started playing this already ?

bart and myself started yesterday with the very first scenario. It was fun and tense. GE won in the end (FFI got wiped out) but things could have gone either way.

Just to let you know that work is continuing on the next version of our campaign sheet. It will contain historical background texts and a map.

[Fan] Historical Campaign - Operation Neptune posté le [09/07/2019] à 23:50

Eclo and I are playing this Historical Campaign; we're at the second scenario, which is the second scenario of the Civilians Under Fire expansion. The Germans had a glorious fight, completely destroying the fragile FFI!

☠☠☠Heroes of Belgium ☠☠☠

[Fan] Historical Campaign - Operation Neptune posté le [10/07/2019] à 03:04

We've also played the second scenario. The rules don't say anything about the prison being indestructible. I used a sticky bomb to blow a hole in the building and rescue the mayor. Not sure if the senior intended this 🙂

Happy HoN player in Toronto.

[Fan] Historical Campaign - Operation Neptune posté le [10/07/2019] à 16:53

Here another picture of the traffic jam in a village in Normandie :

It was a strange battle with lots of funny events. At first the huge number of FFI and civilian units was overwhelming and unstopable. But when Ilda arrived in her Mercedes and the germans started taking prisoners, those numbers dwindled.

The Germans didn't defend the small house so a civilian searched it first and immediately found the keys. Before he could move out with the keys the Gestapo unit stormed in and captured the whole stack of civilians (and took control of the keys!). Bart then parked his truck sideways in the town to block a lot of german units from reaching the keys and prison but after it was blown up it blocked everyone and effectively separated the village in two. 😆 Ilda was by then racing around the houses and hedges.

When the picture was taken it seemed the FFI had the upper hand. The only German unit in the village was the injured 'Bluthund' unit defending the prison the rest are FFI units, 1 of which was carrying the keys. But a single turn later the situation was completely different : Ilda (you can see the tip of her Mercedes in the bottom of the picture) stormed in the village with a vengeance.

In the end a single FFI unit remained in the village all other units were either killed or captured by the Germans. The Germans only lost the 'Hounds' unit (the other unit killed was able to reappear thanks to an action card). It was a complete victory for the Germans. It seems the FFI wil not be able to assist/sabotage during the D-Day landings, the UK and US forces are on their own. (next scenario is #1 from Saint-mere-Eglise)

We had some remarks about this scenario… The mayor needs 5 turns of moving on foot to get of the board after being released, 2-3 when riding in the truck. And that is after the FFI must capture the houses to search for the keys and invade the prison. It's a very difficult scenario for the FFI.

Some information about this campaign : Due to life we were not able to upload a newer version yet. If you can just wait a little longer we will release a new version.

This version 2.0 will contain some historical information/tidbits that happened between the scenarios, it will also contain a small text to explain the background of this campaign and also contain a map that highlights some places were the scenarios are played. We will also release a low-ink version with this new update.

[Fan] Historical Campaign - Operation Neptune posté le [30/07/2019] à 15:39

This is great!

Thanks for all the work and effort that went into the project and thanks for sharing it.

[Fan] Historical Campaign - Operation Neptune posté le [07/05/2020] à 06:35

This is great!


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