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D-Day or Pegasus Bridge interesting?
D-Day or Pegasus Bridge interesting? posté le [11/06/2019] à 22:00

Hi everyone!

With the summer sale going on, my eye was drawn to D-Day and Pegasus Bridge. I'm still on the fence tho.

We also own Memoire 44, and there's a few beach landings missions in there. It feels a lot like trying to mass your force on one point to break through. While other missions give more tactical choices. Playing from the german side its basically pidgeon shooting (like the St Mere Eglise scenario from HON 😉 ).

I'm afraid D-Day with HON will give the same vibe. I've seen that there's 3 scenario's, all beach landings. I imagine having the beaches as terrain for custom point battles that include some beach is nice to have. But we only played HON like that once in the few years we own it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that in 10 years I can play it that way with my son tho 😉 😉

With Pegasus Bridge I'm afraid of the funnel and the lack of tactical choices that will have. It feels like it will come down to a slug fest and dice rolls a lot more because the germans have a single point to defend: the bridge.

Am I missing some cool new rules? Do you buy the expansions for the terrain and the units for point battles?

D-Day or Pegasus Bridge interesting? posté le [11/06/2019] à 23:57

I played five of the six Pegasus Bridge scenarios so far, and I can say that there’s a lot of variation. It’s never more of the same. Pegasus Bridge introduces nighttime weather conditions with reduced line of sight, increased scatter distances and different ambush conditions. Sleeping units are fun when you need to sneak past by them. There are also trenches in this pack, with diverse tactical decisions to make in how you’ll conquer those. And Smoke barrages! And glider planes!

The British paratroopers are all quirky and cool. The historical nuances of those divisions and heroes are well represented. Soldiers on motorized bycicles… it’s all there.

The scenarios are fun because they are all different, although they all resolve around fighting about bridges. Timing is essential in these scenarios, if you’re too slow, you’ll lose. Just like in the real situation, where timing was key!

In my opinion, this is an excellent expansion. The terrain and troops are brilliant and fun and once you finished the scenarios, you’ll have a lot of fun with them in the Free Battle Mode.

Please consider the Commonwealth Army Box for the British card deck, which is a bit different than the US deck. Plus you the nice orange Order Tokens and a ton of cool troops.

☠☠☠Heroes of Belgium ☠☠☠

D-Day or Pegasus Bridge interesting? posté le [12/06/2019] à 02:23

The D-Day expansion was very good but a little short; if I remember correctly there were only three scenarios. Of course the tiles can be used for some very cool home-brew scenarios. Like the Pegasus Bridge expansion most of the scenarios rely on timing. If you dawdle you are going to lose. My son and I were able to play through all of the D-Day expansion in two evenings. It's short but sweet.

D-Day or Pegasus Bridge interesting? posté le [12/06/2019] à 07:59

Thanks Bart and Jonkers!

Seems like I will get Pegasus and think some more on D-Day haha! ^_^ Now the completionist bug in me is starting to manifest itself…


DAMNIT! "Bamboozled" again by the awesome products. I've got D-Day, Pegasus, Battlegrounds and Gazette #1 ordered… Where I was only out to get Pegasus and maybe D-day.

Damn you devil ppiiiiiggg! 😉 😉

D-Day or Pegasus Bridge interesting? posté le [13/06/2019] à 15:14

Get both! Ah, just noticed, you already did.

However, others might be in the same boat, so here my 2C.

Pegasus Bridge I have played only the the first four Scenarios, but theese are very interesting, apart from Scenario one, where I don't see a Chance for the Germans to dio anything else than beeing butchered.

D-Day is totally worth it. Seems loopsided at first, but a great experience. The Germans don't know what to shoot first and the Allieds go down in numbers, but still keep comming. It's like the opening Scene from Saving Private Ryan.

On top of it, you get nice sunny beached and wire and tanktraps for other Scenarios.

Both Profit from the fact, that you can link all scenarios into a campaign, where results of battles will Impact on others.



D-Day or Pegasus Bridge interesting? posté le [13/06/2019] à 16:16

Thanks Mick! Good to know 🙂 Looks like I've made the right choice than.

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