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[PREVIEW][V2.X] Commonwealth Blister Pack
[PREVIEW][V2.X] Commonwealth Blister Pack posté le [23/06/2019] à 20:03

Quote from bartdevuyst on [20/06/2019] à 12:38

Preview for the British Officer.

Quote from yann on [20/06/2019] à 12:29

On as deja un dessin pour l'officier Britanique.

La question se pose de rajouter une unité d'infanterie. Mais on as pas mal d'unités existante déja pour les Britaniques.

The British officer in question reminds me very strongly of noted crazy person Adrian Carton de Wiart. Belgian-Irish, he served in both world wars and survived seemingly through sheer force of willpower and insanity. Seriously, he had an incredible life.

[PREVIEW][V2.X] Commonwealth Blister Pack posté le [24/06/2019] à 15:36

Quote from jyonkers on [23/06/2019] à 01:35

Another 'what-if' scenario…Operation Sea Lion; German landing craft, British Home Guard and armed civilians.

I guess it would be a lot of work for DPG. With everything that's already out there we're already pretty much able to mock-up about anything we can think of.

An English village would be cool, though.

Such terrain pieces seem more appropriate for Shadows over Normandie…

Although compatible…

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