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Armor Save and Suppression
Armor Save and Suppression posté le [08/07/2019] à 03:41

In the rule book it says you receive a -2 penalty to all rolls for each suppression token. Does that include armor saves? It wouldn't seem to make sense that your armor gets worse while cowering under fire, but reading the rules as written it would seem like it is affected as well.

Armor Save and Suppression posté le [08/07/2019] à 10:19

This is not for armor save. U te die attacking, shooting, waking, driving, defending when attackt.

Zijn er ook nerderlandse spelers onder ons? Omgeving nijmegen, uden, enz.

Armor Save and Suppression posté le [08/07/2019] à 11:33

Page 5. Talks about suppression and movement value.

Page 7. Talks about suppressed units having no ZoC.

Page 9. Talks about a -2 penalty to all die rolls, including Fire Actions. (Emphasis mine.)

Page 19. Talks about suppression and assault and repeats the -2 to ALL the units die rolls. (ALL is in all caps in the rule book.)

Page 23. Repeats all the above, -2 to all of the unit's die rolls, -2 to movement value, no Zoc, cannot support in an assault, etc. (all is in bold in the rule book.)

Page 31. Glossary. Same as above.

An armor save is a die roll. All means all in all sense of the word. Now I don't think it is meant to apply to an armor save but as written it seems like it would.

Armor Save and Suppression posté le [12/07/2019] à 13:52


They’ve left the building! : O

We’re never gonna get our Elves and ‘Nids, now. : (

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