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Psyker recruitment
Psyker recruitment posté le [02/08/2019] à 14:18

Hi all,

I am new of the game and still have to play my first game. but after reading the rules and checking the units of core game, i have a great doubt: how can be recruited the ork psyker? I mean, the recruitment Tiles you can first buy are the one with omega and green ork icons, each of the main unit and characters have one, and the other characters are "attached" to them. ultramarine psyker have also the omega icon, but ork psyker have only the "snakebite" icon, not any green ork icon showing… so, how can it should be recruited? is a misprint error and should have that icon?

Psyker recruitment posté le [02/08/2019] à 15:31

You just add the Psyker to your army, this recruitment tile sits on its own, no need to attach it to anything. The Ork icon is omitted, I think.

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Psyker recruitment posté le [02/08/2019] à 15:40

I am thinking that too, but asked just to be sure. in my opinion here SHOULD be the ork icon, just like the marine icon on the librarian (pretty obvious).

just wondering if this was a misprint or some other motivation.

Psyker recruitment posté le [02/08/2019] à 17:57

There is no such thing as "a Marine Icon"….

Let me explain : all the Space Marine units and vehicles are from the Ultramarine chapter which has as its icon the white/blue omega.

So the Librarian is not just 'a Marine' but he is 'an Ultramarine' (big difference, especially when you talk to Space Wolves or Blood Angels 😉 )

Orks are divided into 6 clans, of which the Snakebites are one. Thus the Weirdboy is not just 'an Ork', he is 'a Snakebite' (also big difference, don't tell a Goff he is a Death Skull if you value your life 😉 )

Thus according to me the Snakebite icon is the correct icon for the Ork Weirboy unit. Both Icons show from which specific chapter/clan they are.

Check following 2 links to really see what I mean when I say that there is no such thing as "a Marine Icon" 😆

Space Marine Chapters A -> L

Space Marine Chapters M -> Z

Psyker recruitment posté le [05/08/2019] à 08:15


let me explain better my statement. (consider that i well know the lore of warhammer 40K games, i played it several years)

but the rulebook of heroes of black reach state clearly that you can take for your army building ONLY the recruitment Tiles, as said the ones with your faction symbol (faction, NOT clan / chapter). For marines (not ultramarines) the icon is a White omega on blue circle, for orks is a green ork face on a black circle. All Tiles without that icon MUST BE ATTACHED to other Tiles. Characters without attachment options such psykers should have that icon because is the only way to have them in your army. for the librarian, you have that icon printed, but for the ork psyker you don't have it.

in the core game, that icon is on the characters (both marine and ork), and on the core tile of each big unit (tactical marines and scout, and ork boyz and stormboyz).

Now, i am pretty sure that this icon SHOULD appear on weirdboy also, just wanted to know if it's a misprint or what…

it seems that i cant' post the rules i want as image. anyway you can find them at page 5 of scenario book, left column.

Psyker recruitment posté le [07/08/2019] à 00:55

I agree that this must be a misprint. I've come across this before and come to the same conclusion.

The rules are quite clear on what constitutes a Recruitment tile:

Recruitment Tiles are marked with the symbol of their faction

I've checked every recruitment tile in the game and only the recruitment tile of the Weirdboy breaks this rule. He shouldn't have the snakebite icon in the top left corner, it should be the green Ork faction icon instead.

Psyker recruitment posté le [07/08/2019] à 13:46

Right observation!!! I hadn't noticed it.

I agree with you, it's a misprint.


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